TSM still attracts a broad audience of fans that are loyal to the organization. What do we mean with these two terms that keep getting thrown around?With those concepts clarified, it’s necessary to take a look at the events to figure that took place and how TSM ended up in this mess.Doublelift and TSM President Leena start publicly dating.Doublelift officially rejoins TSM. In the past, TSM has been accused of tampering, intimidating journalists, and having shady business practices. In a franchised league, TSM is every developer’s dream, a golden child.The problems begin when your favorite child starts misbehaving.This is not the first time that TSM has broken the rules, and it’s not the first time the LCS has seemed to turn a blind eye to the situation. Also, Dardoch personality will not fit TSM. And how should other teams feel about the situation at TSM?After Leena’s phone call, Dardoch has lost all of his bargaining power. Dardoch might accept a very low salary, or simply miss the summer split. Why would Doublelift act against his own girlfriend? Dardoch is only six months into a two-year contract with TSM, with the jungler brought on to ensure long-term success for the team after an almost three-year title drought. With every second that goes by, Greeley is losing more credibility. Jungle: Spica vs. Dardoch. The TSM roster had mixed results throughout the season, but ultimately finished 4th place in the Spring Playoffs. While Dardoch’s career is perhaps close to being over, TSM and its executives can continue abusing their power in the LCS. Dardoch is the latest victim of TSM's ongoing mess. Dardoch seems to be a better player right now, and would open up an import slot. The truth is, unless Dardoch settles for a much lesser contract, he might be done in the LCS. The current TSM jungler versus the former TSM jungler, haters of TSM are licking their lips at the possibility that Dardoch (who no one wanted, if you recall) could be the one to end TSM’s Summer Split (similar to how he ended their Spring Split). That’s not my fault”.Biofrost accidentally shows a Discord group that includes jungler Mingyi "The LCS has yet to release any further statements regarding the situation.Despite poor result in the past five splits, TSM remains the most popular organization in North America. There is no way TSM dardoch will happen. He had to hard snowball the game, or other teams would just take control and end. He clearly says he wants to leave if i'm not mistakenDardoch is too much of a liability, he either carries or throws.I think that's mainly because he was their (Immortals) only win condition last split. As the season went on however, CLG's performance started to drop and eventually Dardoch left the team in July. The community starts talking about a possible conflict of interest. At every international event, whether TSM is present or not, the audience chants the team’s name. More than ever before, it seems to fans that TSM is above the law. I think he is still one of the smarter, if not the smartest jungler in NA, but he just doesn't fare to well in carry jungler metas.this would be the dream, but reignover hasnt looked that great in the season though :/Not sure what drugs you're smoking, Sven played really solid all of last season.TSM is losing at MSI mate, you have to understand that TSM fans need to find a way to sleep tonightWell it's not 100% assumed that Dardoch is looking for a new team.

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