Then, there’s the thong: a teeny tiny, sexy piece of underwear worn so powerful grown men made songs about it (hi, Sisqo). In the beginning of the movie, she is seen practicing her acting in front of her class. After sneaking into Emma's basement drunkenly that night, she woke up Emma. In the two-parter season finale, Craig returns and Manny is happy that he is back. Jay and the band makes Manny sing "Crash My Party" on stage. Manny blames herself for having the party and Sean comforts her. Mia uses her knowledge of mechanics to make the bus run until they get to L.A. Later on, after finishing up their project, they confront Kelly in the kitchen. Goodbye" as Craig continues to do the cocaine. At Spirit Squad auditions, no one is very talented until Mia Jones comes along and she blows them away, however when she is revealed to a be a teen mother, Darcy is judgmental towards her and doesn't let her on the squad. Manny feels this is awkward and she asks Emma if that's a veil she's wearing on her head.

Damn right I did. Manny is seen in hospital with Emma and tearfully tells her to stop or she's going to die and Emma says that she'll try to beat this. Manny starts to cry and they break up. are still going strong and to celebrate the beginning of a new school year (and to help Liberty move on after an unfortunate incident with Chris and Emma), Liberty invites J.T., Toby, and Manny over to party in her jacuzzi. Manny continued to support Emma when Sean had drinking problems and when she protested GMF in the cafeteria. He accused her of telling Ashley, and she said she didn't. Manny and Jay's intentions are to get their friends Emma and Spinner together, so they leave them to be at the casino tables.

Liberty and Manny are unhappy and unenthusiastic about it because they were already having fun meeting new people. I remember the thong episode clearly because I didn't even know what a thong was. Later, Ashley notices Manny wearing a bracelet that she had thought was for her, and realizes that Craig was cheating on her. Liberty was disgusted by Manny's thongs and it is implied she told Mr. Radtich, who forbade her from wearing them. To show him that she wasn't interested without hurting him, Manny asked Peter to take out his camera as she said, "I'm going to be an actress, an Academy Award winning actress, and you can sell this for a million dollars, 'cause I'm gonna be famous!" Her professor, Mick tells her that she needs to work better. After Darcy insults Manny, by telling her that she has no morals or self-respect, she leaves Darcy at the party where she gets raped. Moved to Hollywood to continue working as an actressTake your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She soon learns that Peter and When Manny convinces Darcy to go on a snowboarding trip with her, Darcy invites Peter. It was such the Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman move for the ages and I admired her audacity (and commitment to matching her blue rhinestone underwear to her blue top). Manny makes a deposit on her credit card for plastic surgery, but her insulting and abrasive father finds out and calls her a "loose girl" and a "slut."
Liberty, Emma, Manny and Toby in We Built This City.After hearing that Liberty and Damian hook up during Senior Prom, Manny tells Liberty off. She realized Sully was inattentive and only used her for her looks, and dumped him off-screen. Jay then drives off with the bus and she waves goodbye. When Manny witnessed Paige and Hazel ripping up Emma's article, she joined in but was angry when Paige made Hazel take all the blame. Unlike her style of dressing, Manny's hairstyles didn't change drastically in the seasons. Emma accepts their apology, and then mentions she has plans with a few people she met. When they go back to the mansion, Paige tells Manny that she did a good thing and that surprisingly she is happy to see her. Emma was angry though and Craig (who'd she had rekindled things with briefly) flew off the handle, his dreams of a family shattered. When they are notified of his death, Manny breaks down worse than anyone. Mia quits and Manny would've too, but Mia convinced her to stay. She told Peter the next day to erase the video as it would ruin her reputation. However, word soon spreads through the school and the Friendship Club find out, taking Darcy's abstinence ring away.
Later on, Manny practices the song "Saturday Night" with Michael Mewes. Paige retaliates by stripping off Manny's prom dress (the same one Paige wore) when Manny becomes Prom Queen. Manny is happy and the episode ends with her and her father dancing.