I have a serious problem with DHL express and would appreciate if anyone can help or give advice.

There’s no need to start worrying when a package hasn’t arrived when you expected it.

I ordered a OnePlus 3T and some accessories last week. I was supposed to recieve the phone Monday night and when I checked the status of said that it was delivered but there wasn't a signature in on the form.Exact same situation as me!

On the 20th, the tracking said my package was delivered, but I never received anything. Eagerly looking forward to receiving a package that never arrives can be very frustrating, to say the least. Here’s what to do when your package hasn’t arrived. I wouldnt worry much about theft, its more likely that someone flagged it delivered to not being late in the system. No paper on your door? Normal. I'm currently following up with DHL. In the unlikely event that a Time Definite Delivery misses its scheduled delivery through our fault, you should contact your local customer service department who will arrange a credit for you. Dell ultimately sent me a replacement unit to cover the one that got lost, even though I ended up sending … My lifestyle isn't lavish enough to essentially donate almost half a grand to a company for nothing in return.

I've heard bad stories about their customer support in situations like these, so I wouldn't be surprised lol.This has nothing to do with Oneplus though. Contact customer service. Here’s what to do when your There’s no need to start worrying when a package hasn’t arrived when you expected it. Copyright 2020 DHL Express. Really the key to resolving it is to call customer service again and again, escalate your call to someone with somewhat knowledge and suffer much. This happened to me before with a 360. You'll see, its a painful ride. All rights reserved We are happy to deliver you a good website, therefore we use cookies. DHeLL is soo much fun. Plus, the signature line on the "proof of delivery" was blank.

If your shipment failed to arrive, it is important that you contact customer service with an accurate description of the goods and their packaging as soon as possible. I guess when the got our money they were listening to Dire Straits - Money For NothingI had the same exact thing happen with UPS. Hopefully we get them soon!I received my phone ..but mine was broken at arrival.Get ready for them not answering your question clearly, get ready for a lot of "We are sory" but no solving.In my point of view they should solve the problem with the courier.You paid them mony and have nothing => they sould solve the problemSo we both paid them for nothing. I took the refund. All in all around $460-470. Has happened before. Most of the time it got When contacting customer service, you will be asked to provide the Fortunately, most packages that don’t arrive did not get lost. For the last 3 days DHL had said that the phone is with the Courier will be delivered. The DHL Tracking number for the PS3 unit and two of the games says it was delivered, but I never received it. However, on the 20th, the tracking said it was delivered and signed, but no signature. I ordered a OnePlus 3T and some accessories last week. I highly doubt it made it to the southern part of my state from the northernmost county in under 5 hours unless my OnePlus was the only thing he was delivering on that trip lol. All in all around $460-470. They shipped you a phone and it got delivered according to DHL. DHL Package says delivered, but I never received it. I ordered a PS3 and 3 games from Dell. DHL says package was delivered but it wasn't. One such email suggests that DHL is attempting to deliver a package and asks the recipient to open the email attachment in order to affect delivery. OnePlus basically said "well it was marked as delivered so you better find it." Took about two weeks for a refund.I'm going through the same thing right now with my phone and I don't really know what to do. The DHL name has been used in a series of fraudulent email scams, commonly referred to as "Phishing". It arrived there at 8 or 9 something that morning and was supposedly delivered to me at a little after 1. Plus, the signature line on the "proof of delivery" was blank. Is OnePlus just going to refuse to help me out? Hope it get resolved. What a nightmare.They eventually deemed it misdelivered so they offered to replace it or give me a refund. Best wishes.Hopefully this doesn't happen to me, my phone was shipped by DHL and is now on "Customs status updated" to an office in Ohio. Haven't heard a good thing about them).New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castThe place for discussing OnePlus and their products. I opened investigations with UPS, PayPal, and the site I purchased it from, in addition to making a police report. DHL has told me before packages to my area are generally delivered between 1:45pm - 4:30pm.

Be patient and call again and again their customer service until you get your package. I really needed a new phone and I've wanted a OnePlus since I first heard about the brand. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I have already spoken to DHL, they seem adamant that the package was delivered. What can I do here if the DHL people don't get my phone to me? Nottinghamshire UK.

Check our info & tips and become an expert. I have two DHL shipping numbers provided by Amazon but they just come up as no details found on the DHL website (thanks for the link george2)