Consequently, it can be difficult to sell a second hand diamond. We will not be beaten on price!! Similar to cars, rare and unique diamonds can appreciate.

I just wanting to thank you for your expertise and … Diamond Buyers in Melbourne Beach on For all our stocked diamonds, you do not have to pay until you are 100% satisfied with your finished custom-made ringI will beat any price on internationally-sourced certified diamondsI encourage a 'no compromise' approach when buying wholesale diamonds or engagement rings.If you’ve created your own unique design or, you’ve spotted the perfect ring in a magazine, upload yourPlease share as much information as you can, so I can give you an accurate quote and delivery time.I will contact you for a detailed and friendly consultation, which is obligation free and will help make your dream ring a reality.We encourage you to select your own independent valuer when it comes to your jewellery, and can help guide you to make sure you get a fair and uncompromised valuation.Feel free to contact us in store or over the phone for any guidance on getting a valuation for your jewellery.Holding on to some unwanted jewellery that you simply do not want anymore? Their place in the industry means they deal directly with jewellers, diamond suppliers and general public.

They have a large range of stock and rarely are they desperate for second hand jewellery to be put on the counter. Similar to cars, rare and unique diamonds can appreciate. You will never regret with a meeting with us & always go back with cash in your pocket or knowledge about diamonds in your brain bank.We are the first-class and reliable diamond buyers in Melbourne and surrounding areas. diamond rings in Melbourne. As I am Melbourne based I was a little nervous in dealing with a WA based company, you put my mind at ease and every step was done as agreed. If you are looking for a diamond buyer in Melbourne I will beat any advertised price. Sell your gold and diamond jewellery now and get the best appraisal rate! Her and her beloved are to say their vowels, exchange their rings and ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

To find out more about where to sell your gold items Melbourne residents can call us today, visit us instore, or message us directly on Facebook. With showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney, discover our beautifully handcrafted diamond jewellery and engagement ring collection. EMAIL US CALL US 03 9654 6465. Cash for Diamonds Melbourne Whether you are hoping to sell your diamond rings, necklaces, tiaras, broches, or other pieces of well looked-after jewellery the team at … Diamonds Melbourne – Buying or Searching Is Easy Use our diamond search form to select your desired diamond or diamonds.

Free up some space in your jewellery box and make some money today!I will beat anybody on price. Gold Buyers Melbourne will buy them.

Wholesalers are in the business of buying and selling diamonds. You will not be given the time of day from the assistant looking to sell diamonds.The only viable solution is to find a diamond wholesaler such as ADWB.

It has hardly been worn and you looked after it really well, surely its worth close to retail value?Sadly, it is not.

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The safest way to purchase premium quality diamonds for a fair price is through a qualified gemmologist, and after spotting such a massive gap in the marketplace, Steve has continued to provide the best quality diamond rings at wholesale prices. We are professionals in diamond industry with years of experience and can offer buying and selling diamonds. It’s their bad luck!The gushing bride, preparing to marry her forever beau is in a bubble of love. Second hand diamond. You have your gorgeous, hand crafted, one of a kind engagement ring that cost thousands of dollars. We are professionals in diamond industry with years of experience and can offer buying and selling diamonds.Copyright © 2020 Gold Buyer Sharma | All Rights Reserved.

And for people who have diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, and diamond rings, they will always treasure these beautiful diamond jewellery pieces. I guarantee Melbourneʼs best price on custom made, wholesale diamond engagement rings and jewellery. The market is theirs to determine. Unlike gold and silver, diamonds are not indexed as a tradable commodity. Buying your diamond ring online with Melbourne Diamond Company is as easy as 1, 2, 3 1 - Start with a Diamond 2 - View Ring Designs 3 - Propose ! The only issue with this solution is that diamond engagement retailers are not in the business of buying second hand diamonds. Your diamond may be set in gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Pawn stores work on the premise that you would not be there unless you had to be. With an increasing demand for diamond rings and engagement rings in

I want to buy it!Come into Diamond Brokers and we will give you a fair quote with an instant cash offer. A second hand diamond ring will rarely fetch any more than 10% of an original purchase price if offered to a pawn store.A measly $2,000 or less for what was a $20,000 ring is unbearable for most. I go above and beyond to give you the best diamond rings at the lowest prices, but if you do see a better price somewhere in Melbourne, please let me know and I will immediately beat it for you.Whether you are looking for a diamond ring for yourself, an engagement ring for your partner, a tennis bracelet, or any other precious jewellery, you can rest assured knowing that Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers will always beat our competitors’ price.We pride ourselves on giving our customers fantastic value with our affordable range of diamond rings, while never compromising on quality.Diamond Brokers founder and expert gemmologist Steve Richards has been aAfter becoming increasingly frustrated at seeing so many people pay exuberantThe safest way to purchase premium quality diamonds for a fair price is throughWith an increasing demand for diamond rings and engagement rings inAfter dealing with so many buyers over the years, Steve is always happy to sitWith a meticulous eye for detail, Steve carefully inspects every diamond in hisCopyright © 2020 Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers