Especially now that summer is here, and impromptu picnics are possible, the time is right for takeout. I was sorely tempted by beet and Cuban sandwiches, but our celebratory mood led us to the lobster roll ($20) and beef pot pie ($15).Chunks of lobster, coated in celery-root mayo, were loaded with lettuce and celery into a buttery New England-style toasted bun, a summertime sandwich if ever there was one. In an effort to provide greater variety for our customers we have added several new items to our catering buffet options. Certainly, it's not to tell a restaurant it ought to do better when it's being heroic simply by opening, potentially in harm's way so that we diners can be spared the cooking and cleanup at home.I can't be the only one looking for a break from cooking and uncomfortable with dining inside a restaurant at this point, thinking about where to get something delicious for takeout, maybe something new-to-me. Dinner solved. How to Make Egg Rolls. Instead of ordering takeout, wrap your own chicken-and-vegetable-stuffed Egg Rolls from Food Network, then dip them in a homemade soy-sesame sauce. Sticky rice with a pork and mung bean filling is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. Schuenke changes the menu weekly (posting it on social media on Wednesdays), so I can only hope that shrimp roll will come around again so you can try it, too. Occasionally I’ll find them in the deli section. One down, a zillion to go.Then long workdays took the fun out of even thinking about making dinner, a heat wave took the luster out of baking, and the dishes ... Oh, my God, THE DISHES. Confirmed. Schuenke said on Hot Knife's Facebook page that she's looking to do more events and pop-ups "in the future.") 3 eggs (2 for mixture and 1 for sealing the egg rolls) 1 tsp granulated chicken soup base mix (optional) 1-2 packages of little chef spring roll pastry wrapper (or any store brand egg roll wrapper) you will need enough vegetable oil to deep fry the egg rolls dipping sauce: sweet chili sauce The Diplomat's comeback from lockdown started July 1 with takeout. Her Hot Knife pop-up restaurant had been set up outside Burnhearts bar in Bay View, where the patio had been open to bar patrons.

But there were new specials at Mekong's online order form to look over, too, and I saw dishes I hadn't come across at Mekong Cafe before, or anywhere else in the city.

You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. But based on that sandwich and the snack of smoked whitefish dip with pickled ramps and crostini ($5) I had, I'd be happy to drop in any week to see what's cooking at Hot Knife.I'd meant only to get one of my favorite dishes at the Lao, Thai and Vietnamese restaurant Mekong Cafe, but then I lost all impulse control.The heat had drained me of any desire to cook, and I desperately wanted pud krapao ($10), an ideal dish of ground chicken (or whatever meat you like) with sliced long beans and holy basil over rice, plus a fried egg on top, crispy at the edges.

They were tasty snacks to share, and it was a joy to try something new-to-me in a year when rewarding new experiences have been in precious short supply. *All the above prices are subject to 15% HST and 15% gratuity for preparation and delivery to your function.How many appetizers do you need per person for a party?1½ Sandwiches per Person on Big White or Whole Wheat BreadOnly 1 Sandwich per Person on Big White or Whole Wheat Bread I can usually find them in the produce section, near the refrigerated salad dressings. It's tempting to make those sandwiches a habit. The "a la car" menu, chef Dane Baldwin says on the restaurant's website, is made up of items "that we believe travel well and allow us to be ourselves." Never ending.So I'm getting a lot more takeout these days. (This is the first installment; the pandemic will dictate how long it goes on.)

Having no ambition to cook that hot night, I had nothing but admiration for the cook who went to all that trouble. Should you require cloth napkins, table linens, dishes, glasses, cutlery etc, we would be pleased to quote on those items for you. Includes all salads:These prices are subject to 15% gratuity (for Buffet & Salads) plus 15% HST.These prices are for buffet style only and include plastic cutlery and paper plates if required. The stellar pot pie — short rib prepared with red wine and carrots, celery and onion in a buttery crust, which was burnished golden brown — reads as homey and comforting, but also special enough for the celebratory kind of night we were in the mood for. I couldn't help but think of how much work it would be to make those eggs, so I ordered them out of gratitude (six for $7).And then I saw the special of khao tom moo ($7), sticky rice filled with pork and mung bean, and the whole cylinder wrapped in banana leaves, tied and steamed. Diplomat’s Peel and Eat Treat. Theresa Schuenke has made one of my favorite sandwiches of summer.The sandwich was exactingly thought out, ideal for a sweltering evening: a cool shrimp roll ($10) with lemongrass aioli and fresh mint (such amiable companions for seafood), plus sprightly pickled vegetables and the genius element, crispy-crunchy ginger breadcrumbs, strewn over the top. Why not just review restaurants again, you ask? Finest Selection of Hand Rolled Sushi to include but not limited to California Rolls, Smoked Salmon Rolls, Shrimp Rolls and Maki. The Diplomat's comeback from lockdown started July 1 with takeout. Diplomat’s Hand Rolled Sushi Platter.