But each of them enforces a strict code of rules that we’ve developed over time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yes, ROBLOX reports DO work.
Some players also criticise that there are a limited amount of moderators to read reports. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. Pressing the "Report Abuse" button on anyone's profile or asset is sent directly to a unused email. Website Should any further promo codes for the month become available, we'll endeavor to update the guide. The reports are sifted from different staff members, and are dealt with accordingly. Imagine, create, and play together with millions of players across an infinite variety of immersive, user-generated 3D worlds. Server connection

um... why do you bring up "popplio models"? It just may not seem like it because ROBLOX is filled with sensetive snitches who report every little thing. In December 2010, players were awarded a gift called "The "Fast Track" program, accessible in the settings if a user is enrolled.It is unclear whether-or-not a user is eligible to rejoin the program in the future if they were previously kicked out. Not all reports are read instantly, because as ROBLOX has millions of users daily, a lot of reports are sent to a email that we dont use, where they are never read um... why do you bring up "popplio models"?

Many people think reports are "flawed" and "don't work" and have also claimed that they aren't even read, even if the person very obviously violated the rules.

Reports are read. So many people reported one guy for being a child predator, and he isn't restricted yet! Whydowetalklikethisalsoilikechespinmorethanpopplio Reports are read. They don't have time to go through them all. i was too lazy to respond to that. Reports are read. 0. data-csrf="1597519793,0c4267e9cb9c2b34b8a90597aa2e2346" People also complain about the "lack of administrators reading reports". last 24 hours A lot of bans don't even come from reports.

Now, the GUI is separated into player reporting GUI and place reporting GUI.It has been theorized that it takes two or more reports upon a player before it has any effect on them, which may promote server-wide hate towards anyone committing any action against the terms of service. I dunno if that really is 100% work, many people found the moderation team got worse and worse :P

Roblox es una de las mejores plataformas de entretenimiento en línea para menores de 18 años, de acuerdo al número promedio de visitas mensuales y tiempo de juego (según Comscore). They really don't care about reports unless it's something extremely serious like the child ****ography case that happened on the forums a while back or if it's something like anti-OD'er things. I have reported many people on ROBLOX and most of them have gotten their deserved punishments to my knowledge. Like he said,lots of people on ROBLOX are snitches. … Say YES if you think reporting works. I don’t really think the roblox moderation team even read them unless it’s extremly urgent and they have proof to ban them. Log-in Home; Roblox; Outage Map; Is Roblox Down Right Now? Reports are read. I don’t think bans work. A lot of bans don't even come from reports. take quackity for example, his account was open for many years, and he did his dumb little pranks and had kids "report" him. Join thousands of other Roblox members with a free account.JavaScript is disabled. It just may not seem like it because ROBLOX is filled with sensetive snitches who report every little thing.
Glad to see an official ROBLOX employee who works for ROBLOX answering this question.

10:55, August 13, 2017. Here, Community Manager Becky Herndon walks you through how we moderate content on ROBLOX. 0 Kudos Notnewb200. It just may not seem like it because ROBLOX is filled with sensetive snitches who report every little thing. Roblox reports ... R.I.P Roblox 2006-2020, ok nvm but I cant join vip servers and my avatar is broken but when I reset alot it gets fixed until I die 2020-08-11 18:46:47 @IieSugxr @ii_zekxx Uhm iiJSpxce BUT RIP ROBLOX NOT WORKING ????