The Doctor and his friends elect to warn Marco of Acomat's attack even though it means losing their chance to gain access to the TARDIS. With Ian having fallen victim to the Sensorites' plague, the Doctor is desperate to find a cure. "Rose" received average overnight ratings of 9.9 million viewers, peaking at 10.5 million, respectively 43.2% and 44.3% of all viewers at that time. The thirteen episodes were, however, loosely connected in a series-long story arc which brought their disparate threads together in the series finale. (Originally broadcast in six parts.) Old Mother frees the Doctor and the others on condition they will leave the tribe and not make fire.The group attempt to return to the TARDIS but Za and Hur follow them. a list of 100 titles While Ian, Barbara and their Thal friends try to find a way into the Dalek City through the mountains, the Doctor, Susan and Alydon attempt to make their own way in. (Originally broadcast in seven parts.) The high priest of sacrifice Tlotoxl recruits Ian to lead their army but he finds he has a rival in Ixta. Ian finds himself held prisoner by the treacherous Leon while the Doctor attempts to engineer Susan and Barbara's escape. Rather than four to six-part serials of 25-minute episodes, most of the Ninth Doctor's stories consisted of individual 45-minute episodes, with only three stories out of ten being two-parters. The TARDIS lands during the French Revolution, where Ian, Barbara, and Susan become caught up in the politics of the day. The Doctor, Susan and Ian agree to accompany the Sensorites to their home planet in the hope of finding a cure for John.

Aside from the 13 episodes it included commentaries on every episode, a video diary from Davies during the first week of filming, as well as other featurettes. The Doctor and his friends realise that their only chance of recovering the fluid link is to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks. The TARDIS arrives on Earth landing in 16th century Aztec society. When they are arrested and set to be executed, the Doctor must take on the disguise of a public official to try and save their lives. The Doctor and his friends must locate the real murderers and the fourth key before heading off for a final confrontation with the Voord. According to various news sources, members of the production team even received Selected pieces of score from this series, alongside material from the This article is about the 2005 series. Kal accuses Za of Old Mother's murder but the Doctor exposes him as the real killer.However, Za then insists the travellers be held prisoner until they show him how to make fire. The Doctor and Susan are able to supply Marco with condensation that has formed inside the TARDIS, saving the group from dying of thirst.When the group are reunited with Tegana, the travelers begin to suspect he is up to something. The Doctor, Ian and Barbara are forced to surrender to Tegana and Marco, leaving both of them the opportunity to gain possession of the TARDIS. The Doctor and his friends arrive in the apparently idyllic city of Morphoton but Barbara soon begins to realise there is more to their hosts than meets the eye. Of the thirteen episodes in the series, seven of them followed this format; the remaining six were grouped together into three two-part stories. Tegana finally makes his move to assassinate the Khan, giving the Doctor and his friends an opportunity to thwart his plans and regain the TARDIS. Unlike the classic era of the series that ended in 1989, the plan with the new series was to have each episode as a standalone story, with no serials. ... The TARDIS takes its new passengers back to the dawn of history. There, the Doctor and his party are captured by a tribe who are trying to rediscover the secret of fire. The Doctor and his friends attempt to escape from the Dalek City. The Doctor's group manage to rescue Barbara from the Mongols but once more Marco remains unaware of Tegana's involvement. Barbara goes off exploring - despite the Doctor's orders not to wander off - and is taken away by the high priest Autloc who believes she is the reincarnation of the goddess Yetaxa. (Originally broadcast in six parts.) Their quest takes them across time and space; will they be able to return the keys before Marinus falls under the control of the alien Voord?

But the City Administrator is still determined to rid his world of aliens. Ian, Barbara and the surviving members of their party try to find a way into the Dalek City whilst Alydon prepares the other Thals for an attack.

Episodes. The City Administrator is determined to destroy the Doctor and his friends and his paranoia prevents the Doctor's cure from being distributed. The opening episode was the highest rated episode of the first series.The initial Sci Fi Channel broadcasts of the series attained an average However, not everyone was pleased with the new production. However, knowing that the Thals are walking into a trap, Ian decides to go and warn them. Ian finally delivers his message to James Stirling but in order to secure Susan's release he and Barbara are forced into a dangerous spying mission.

But we did it.By early 2004, the show had settled into a regular production cycle. For the 1963–64 season, see The Doctor is forced into a meeting with Robespierre while Barbara's attempts to find a physician for Susan result in them being betrayed.