If you are doing it yourself here are a few questions that will help you in choosing a cemetery and a headstone. Dutch- American language shift: evidence from the grave. Cleaning and restoring a...My name is Phil Hawes and unfortunately, I have become something of an amateur expert in planning funerals. The head usually is at the headstone end. Most headstones are generally made of either granite or bronze, or a combination of the two. Some places will need certifications of the stonemason to ensure that stone was made properly. The reason so many graves will face the East is that for Christians it is to be a reminder of the second coming of Christ. There is no law that requires you have a grave with a marking. DIY Vs Using A Professional In some cases, if it meets the specifications required it can be done.

If you are doing it yourself, it is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor that should be well researched and not taken lightly. My friend keeps telling me that they are on the east side and walking on there body is disrespecting them [she's very superstitious]. If you do not own the land it is again up to the owner of the property. Sometimes there can be situations where this passing was rather violent and destructive to the remains. Generally, yes, the headstone is at the head and the footstone at the feet. The footstone usually just has the person’s initials on it. The marker may just have the initials and is generally smaller. There are many factors that would affect this, access to materials, color, type of stone, size, engraving, etc. During the 18th century, they were often decorated with Islamic headstones are traditionally more a rectangular upright shaft, often topped with a carved topknot symbolic of a Some form of simple decoration may be employed. Unfortunately, the time will come for us all, when our lives come to an end. Kara VanDam.

In days gone by, the head was buried closest to the headstone. After several instances where unstable stones have fallen in dangerous circumstances, some burial authorities "topple test" headstones by firm pressure to check for stability. This also goes for the removal of the headstone. This was a time in the 20th century and earlier, when the headstone, or grave marker, was made in a more vertical fashion.

Some cemeteries will require a specific direction, this is often for looks and symmetry, while other cemeteries allow you to choose what is right for you. Something like a monument could range up to $10,000. This is often done for people that have died at sea, during wars, overseas or with no known resting place. A private cemetery is used by a family or a small subsection of the community. 0 2 0. There are a lot of other things to think about after you know if you can put up the headstone/marker or not. There’s a lot to think about when you have to deal with a funeral. Does the headstone go at the head or feet of the body? So, for you to put a headstone on a grave in some places you must show this document first to the cemetery or churchyard. So if performing a funeral for a friend without family, check on their religious wishes before you act. These cemeteries are still privately owned and maintained. 2009. This is not a rule and you can choose what you want to do. This can be done by the cemetery, a company and, if allowed, even by yourself. Whether you are going down the route of a private or pubic cemetery someone needs to erect the headstone. It is a strange thing to think about, but you have to remember that you are still a customer and you have rights.

The second is to mark the boundary of the grave. Cemeteries are usually broken down into two categories, Public and Private. 0 0 0 Ledgers may be engraved and used as the headstone itself, or they may also include a monument at the head of the grave. Also, some … The small flat military, etc marker is called a footstone and in flaced at the feet. 7 years ago. Whether you can put a headstone on a grave or not isn’t something you should have to worry about. The first is the ground is settling and the headstone is not in place yet. FuneralCompanion.com is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. such headstone.

Be careful though, if you get it from an outside source, make sure to check with the cemetery before you purchase it. If you are getting it from a company, they are familiar with this paperwork and should help you complete it. These include ones that have religious affiliations as well. Checking first if you need this is quite simple and can be done with the cemetery or at Most public cemeteries have requirements for putting up a headstone on a grave.