She kept extensive journalsas she traveled around with her family, learning the hunting trade until they ended up in Lawrence, Kansas. Mary's love for her children was so strong, that when Unfortunately, Mary's love for her sons was somewhat contorted, as she still wanted to give them a hunter-free life and rid them of the burden of being hunters. She screamed briefly, alerting John, who ran into the nursery. However, Sam soon arrived alive and smiled at his mother who was happy to see but became surprised to see Lucifer arrived as well. Mary did not want to abandon the fight but was persuaded after they promised to Following her return to the Main Universe, Mary continued hunting though she began living in Mary hated hunting; she sought to have a normal life so that she could be safe and raise a family. Mary doesn't want to help Lucifer so Lucifer causes her internal agony until she falls over.
The couple lived together at 485 Robintree.

Her spirit showed great devotion to her children and was willing to sacrifice herself to save them. Despite being in an unfamiliar world surrounded by people she did not know, Mary was quick to adapt if not simply to deal with more confronting situations. She acknowledged Castiel was an angel and accepted Dean's story that he was her son. When Mary wakes up, she immediately heads outside and finds Sam and Dean alone, confronting Lucifer.

Mary fended Anna off to protect John and distract Anna while Sam banished the angel with a sigil. While shocked by her sons' words, Mary remained steadfast that she could not leave John because she was pregnant with Dean. This is the second season with Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer as showrunners..

Despite the controversy, it has been confirmed by the show runners themselves, such as Mary will have a story line of her own in season 13, which will represent the journey of how she will manage to survive with Lucifer following her every step, and in a world where every being is out to get her.

Mary shoots Arthur in the arm, saving Dean's life. Sam, having returned from destroying the British operation in time to hear her fears, assures his mother he doesn't hate her.

She could not speak to warn him and stared helplessly at her husband and her youngest son before John noticed her blood dripping onto his hand while he was caressing Sam and looked up; Azazel then set her aflame, burning her alive. She opted to bury these problems through hunting, and focused more on saving lives on her own than with a team. After Castiel spots a nearby veterinary clinic, the three realize Sam could've been treated there and kidnap the doctor for answers. Ellen was the experienced hunter who took Dean and Sam under her wing when they …

During this fight, Mary exposed her hunting background to John, and was forced to reveal the truth about herself to him. She also takes part in Mary soon helps the survivors in evacuating on a bus that Dean had repaired and they are able to transport everyone to the location of the rift. Winchesters die, and they come back. Andrew Dabb also announced that Mary will explore that new realm and make friends with new characters.He will try to relate to him due to his past when his demon powers were active.
After the man admits he treated Sam's leg wound for $100,000 but clearly holds something back, Mary orders Castiel to beat the answers out of him. The thirteenth season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on October 12, 2017, on The CW and concluded on May 17, 2018.

The doctor finally tells them that he has Toni's phone number as she called to ask about the sedative he used on Sam and Mary watches with Castiel as Dean calls Toni. Dean and Sam appear soon and compliment her action before asking her to come back with them.