The public transport is excellent in Helsinki.

thank you and all the bestHei Mario!

You can spot an occasional tractor on the road in the countryside. Your Christmas plans sound awesome, I’m super excited for you about your itinerary!

Thanks! Hanko is a fab summer destination, so excited for you.

Driving too fast earns you tickets in Finland, just like in most other places around the world. Just type a sum (I often use 60€) and then you can start pumping. You will have a fantastic vacation!Is the right-hand priority system applicable to all intersections which have no traffic lights?Hi Kamal! Thank you so much! Hope this helps!Hei Rich!

For intercity drive time, you can estimate that you drive 50 miles (80 km) per hour. For example, driving licenses issued in another EU or EEA country work fine.

Buses have the right of way at speed limit under 60 km/h.

If somebody blinks lights to you, here are a couple of suggestions what it can be for: you have wrong/no lights on, there’s an accident, there’s the police, or there’s an elk on the road. The speed limit on highways (motorways) is 100 kilometers per hour (kph) or 120 kph in the summer, while the general speed limit is 50 kph in built-up areas and 80 kph outside of those areas.

The petrol is on average 1,6 €/l and a hotel night is z.

Elks usually move in the evening twilight or in the morning. If there’s a text, then it’s in Finnish or Swedish. That’s so true! Oh, that’s so great. Finland is around 1160 km from top to bottom and z. Thank you!The road signs are helpful but is there any site to view what each of them means?Hi!

In Finland, you drive on the right side. Driving in winter is safe in Finland. Most places have a good variety of food and even a grocery store. Most travelers may drive in Finland with their foreign driving license. In Lapland, reindeer walk on the roads. Unfortunately, I don’t have a coupon to offer you. We hope to visit Finland someday in the future. As for the signs, most of them don’t have any text. Traffic jams on the same … Thank you so much for telling me that, I will definitely look into this asap to be able to help you guys!This is an amazing terrific article. Thanks and cheers from Malaysia. We will stick with the pass.This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Answer 1 of 6: My wife and I would be in Helsinki for 3 days in May. I will travel between 20th and 29th December and I will rent a car, between Ivalo and Rovaniemi, (Saariselka, Peurasuvant, Sodankyla), the car will be on the street at night, in the morning the car will work?
When I ”hover” on top of a sign, it shows the explanation in Finnish, Swedish and English? You’ll quickly notice that pretty much all the big international car rental companies operate in Finland.

I will be visiting Finland and plan on renting a car there. However, better safe than sorry.So, no matter where I am, I always read carefully through the rental contract and take the necessary insurance depending on the situation and destination. Now, the following sentences are a result of my international rental experiences. Parking garage for the Advantage for driving: you'll sit in a traffic in your own vehicle without any other people (yes, I am a Finn and this is the reason I drive everywhere), disadvantages are the price and the inconvenience of having the Thanks to all of you for the very helpful information.

You will be billed for the exact amount, but the pump will not give you more than you predefined.To my understanding, also those cards with a built-in chip and a signature (no pin) work quite well but cannot be guaranteed to work everywhere.