Better yet, it’s only a 6-minute walk up the road from the test centre. I would highly recommend PassMeFast for anyone looking for intensive driving courses. Just get whoever’s taking you to tap Thankfully, the test centre is located on one of the major roads that runs through Reading (As is often the case, the test centre does not provide any parking spaces, so if you’re looking to leave the car, you’ll need to plan ahead. Find a driving test centre where you can take a test. Our practical instructors are happy to help you on your way. Luckily for you, we’ve scoured the area and found some nearby options.The closest car park does not come cheap, but it is only a 3-minute walk from the test centre. The test you take here is the same as the one conducted all over the country. A great way to make this process more efficient and enjoyable is to use some revision aids. Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.Waiting times as recorded at the time of writing. Introduction to driving in Belgium Certain nationalities must pass a Belgian driving test, including theory and practical tests.

After 4 lessons I was ready for my test—very good instructor. Driving theory test center: Important documents required with you DSA has been working closely with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) so we can accept UK Identity Cards issued by IPS as an alternative means by which candidates may confirm their identity for all types of driving tests and Driver CPC periodic training. Don’t be fooled into thinking multiple choice is easy—many people do and they’re the ones that end up having to fork out the dosh for multiple retakes.Save yourself a lot of time and stress by learning the relevant material and revising it as the test approaches. I passed first time with just 3 minors! For those living in central Berkshire, the Reading theory test centre probably seems like the most convenient location in which to put their driving knowledge to the test. I can’t recommend PassMeFast enough. No matter the outcome, though, you probably deserve a drink or snack of some kind before heading home. Nice going! A step up from your average drinking hole, The Fisherman’s Cottage offers glorious views, a solid selection of ales and spirits and a delectable menu that’s sure to whet your appetite. Once you get used to the jazzy decor, however, you’ll realise you’re in a pretty great bar. With New York style pizzas served by the slice and a great selection of drinks, there’s plenty to keep you satisfied at The Thirsty Bear. We had a quick snoop around the local area and discovered a few places that are well worth a visit:If there’s anything we love more than a pub, it’s a pizza. If you make 2 serious violations, you do not have enough points to pass.Immediately after the theoretical examination, you have the choice:If you pass the theory exam (and you not yet in possession of a driving licence), you will take a (simple) reading test at the examination center.Failure to pass the reading test will require an examination by a freely selected ophthalmologist.If you have not passed the theoretical knowledge examination, you will not be allowed to take a new theoretical knowledge examination of the same category the same day.If you have not passed the theoretical examination twice, you will have to take a minimum of 12 hours of theoretical theory lessons in a driving school.Information about the practical exam can be found here: Check out some of your best options below.This simple yet stylish hotel is absolutely perfect for an affordable short stay.

Things get particularly lively in the evenings, so stick around if you enjoy live music!This beautiful pub sits right on the canal, just 8 minutes up the road from the theory test centre. The theoretical examination takes about 30 minutes.A distinction is made between questions about light (45) and questions about serious traffic violations (5).Serious traffic violations are all third degree offences (such as, for example, ignoring a red traffic light or crossing a white continuous line), and fourth degree offences (such as non-compliance with a police officer's orders) and speeding offences.So you are allowed to make a maximum of 9 minor mistakes or a maximum of 1 serious violation and 4 minor mistakes. Arriving at Reading Theory Test Centre By public transport The Reading theory test centre is located just across the river from the main shopping area of the town, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the way. All rooms and clean, cosy and come with free WiFi. Check out the transport section of the Managed to snag a lift to your theory test? Get your driving license now. We provide packages for learners of all experience levels, and our amazing booking team will find you an instructor and book all of your tests, leaving you to focus on the driving. If you find yourself feeling a bit peckish but don’t fancy leaving the hotel to find food, you don’t have to—there’s a Prezzo restaurant conveniently located downstairs.Hopefully you’ll leave Reading theory test centre with a pass certificate and a big smile on your face.