Oddly enough, I DID get a 0.5 damage against a paladin dragon (electric tournament level 6) using my Thor dragon (3 gold stars) and War Fist.When I play my computer but my legendary dragon have no habitat so I sell my dragone that is a sad thing Pure is the weakest dragon because it had no strengthsis it just me or does ice also inflict 2.0 damge to war?Is it just me, when I battle other players, they seem to all have basic stats.i guess best attack element would be sea since it can crit to 3 kinds of dragon?Thanks for update it!

Elements: Pure, Fire, Water, War?i’ve got a Fenrir , Reapper and Sentense dragons at the same time.. wow….pls add new element ( VITAL ) (WEAK AGAINST: PURE AND WAR) (STRONG AGAINST: METAL AND DARK…add me pls i will help for the construction too So Joseph, you seem to be in the know about Dragon City. For example, if the company has a high debt load and little income, its finances are a weakness.

Similarly, if the company has trouble with its reputation among consumers, its brand is a weakness. Rejoins La Page Et Fait Comme Moi ! These are the element of the attack, not the dragon.

But I did as I’m Level 66 now but took some time & having to start from scratch twice because have trouble first time around it froze wouldn’t do anything so I deleted not realising I was deleting the whole game from off my iPad & ph add me….in need of some dragon city friends, and if u play monster legends add me as wellSo I am a level 28 and now have to battle a level 99(?) Each element has its own weaknesses and strengths, and we’ve broken down each one below with more information. (Usually they correspond to an element the dragon has, but not always.

what are the weaknesses. While I thank you, the creator of this chart for the chart, it still confuses me how water kills electric and fire kills water. I wish so bad there was more I could do. Because I’m level 29 facing level 28, who have Dragons I can’t unlock till level 36.

I found out for example that a metal Cannon Ball Attack is good against the High Fenir Dragon, but I found this out by fighting it 20 times, went looking for a chart like this because this is getting nuts LOL looking for an easier way to figure out what dragon to try against your new unbeatable dragons LOLNicholas, with a high leve dragon. This is a guide to the elements and their strengths and weaknesses. Then i use this in a certain way, Zombie and Justice.

Example: When doing battle in the Easter Vally against its Element Dragon, is there an all around Element Dragon that one would use in general when you don’t know what kind of Element Dragon you are up against? WTH Any help would be welcome.

Check it here Dragongenerator.totalh.netWait, war dragons are weak to ice, and ice dragons are resistant to other ice dragons… If the two are combined, would it be weak to ice or resistant to ice?Iam tired to breed element in dragon city how can i do that please i would like helpAnyone know how to breed the Titan dragon? All items that can be more then one element (spirit items, modified items, etc) don't get the element's weapons side effects.

@ Becca Johnson, I send out a lot of Dragon city requests. New technology or a shift to outsourcing can render a person's job obsolete.Andrew Gellert is a graduate student who has written science, business, finance and economics articles for four years. Would really appreciate it. The secondary (and tertiary) elements of a dragon are not important in regards to the strengths, weaknesses, or immunities of the elements.The first column of icons represents the attacking elements. I’ll be keeping a lookout in future, though, to be sure. I get critical damage from ice…i guest the pure sea dragon is the badass in dragon city Wow, sea is the most powerful element which has effectiveness to attacking three element… fire, ice, and war.i haven’t seen the War attacks do crit damage. This was the case with the War element, which when first released had no strengths or weaknesses, but has since been updated to the values seen in the chart above..The first row of icons represents the defending elements. It is possible that strengths and weaknesses will be added for these elements later. A SWOT analysis for an individual might consider hard strengths like property and financial assets as well as soft strengths, which might include skills and connections.Weaknesses are elements that need attention and improvement.