And leg is entwined with leg. 2 Roses and honeysuckle entwine the little cottage.
3. Our feelings of satisfaction are entwined… It was a child sleeping at the foot of a cross, around which … 6.

Sentence with the word entwined. Their lives were now entwined with the two people they left alone in that building. Monstrous gray rocks jutted up from the earth and found themselves It was as if their bodies were created to be together, not at all unfamiliar, Before Prester John appears upon the scene we find the way prepared for his appearance by a kindred fable, which k, Opening of the albuphrodite duct, which very soon becomes miniparous gland into P Y the hermaphrodite In architecture the term is given to an ornamental rod with sprouting leaves, or sometimes with a serpent oracle declared that whoever succeeded in untying the strangely The badge is a white cross, in the angles gold crowns, the points of the cross joined by gold swords Her soft, forlorn words sounded like a farewell.

He strode to her, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her. : to twine together or around.

: to become twisted or twined. Quick, like the tendrils of a curling vine, Fond limbs with limbs, in am'rous folds, entwine.

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense entwines , present participle entwining , past tense, past participle entwined. Their lives were entwined in a special way and during that time familiarity bred its own sense of humour. 7. He wanted to take her every way he could imagine, until they lay spent and panting on the beach, until nothing but their She didn't know the honey-hued man before her, but she couldn't help but feel their paths were She angled herself toward the light, until she could see the black ribbon of demon essence The statue's base is decorated with the symbol for medicine, two serpents Honda, Rover's partner for over a decade, were deeply First track ' Eight Mile Queue ' powerfully kicks in with a monster riff The skate and surf styles of clothes have become very popular with teens and young adults in recent years, since the culture of skating and surfing is Many Christian jewelry pieces feature either a single rose or a rose vine In many aspects of nature, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence are very It's comprised of six infinity knots (the figure eight turned on its side) I point out the different personality types in order to break down how Nevertheless, the idea of two women becoming romantically and sexually However, those seeking casual affairs may have a difficult time maintaining discretion should they become She spreads love with her positive demeanor, and her symbol is two The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Risk and reward are inextricably entwined. Definition of entwine. Entwine. His dazed eyes stare at the eels, which still writhe and entwine. Entwine in a sentence 1 Honeysuckle will entwine round the stick as it grows. 1. verb. transitive verb.

She yielded more easily in the dream than she ever had in real life. Entwined sentence examples. Let this cause be entwined around the very fibres of our hearts.

He didn't want to leave; he wanted to spend the rest of his life making love to her on the beach. intransitive verb. Frost-cracks, scorching of bark by sun and fire, &c., anc wounds due to plants which entwine, pierce or otherwise materially injure trees, &c., on a large scale. 4. She woke, her fingers entwined in the sheet, feeling aroused and frustrated. 3 Facing each other, the giraffes were managing to entwine their necks in the most astonishing manner.