The gym leader is Roxanne, and she uses Rock type Pokémon.-Once Sableye has fainted switch to Magneton for x2 Flash and Thunder Wave-Once they are down, we bring in our Stealth Rock Pokémon and set the hazard out.For this gym, we will need to use Stored Power on all the Pokémon except the Mega Tyranitar, which we will use Moonblast.Once this is done, you will need to head back South to the beach. Tune in to find out!030 - Grand Masters Courtney, Steve, Jack, Rod, & Challenge HallMiniseries finale. Mortar, as far as items, trainers and wild Pokemon are concerned. Mortar is a massive cave with a maze giving you access to different parts depending upon where you enter. **Remember this nor any other strategy guarantees a win, if you feel like you will lose then refresh**For this one we will need to use Roar on the leading Pokémon, since it can potentially have Infiltrator, which ignores Substitute. That's right: Fur Affinity Check is back because we're journalists and we have to report what we see. Lead with Golem to use Stealth Rock and to bait it out to use a non-Dark type move.

Coronet North, then to Route 216.Head all the way west until you can’t no more then north to reach Route 217.Go all north until you reach Acuity Lakefront, then go east to reach Snowpoint, where Candice freezes the competition.She leads with Weavile (Ice/Dark). Then, they head east because once again, two children need to solve everyone's problems and fix the Power Plant. Regular episodes return next Tuesday. Note #2: Gengar has Cursed Body as its ability, which might disable any move used on it for a few turns. Take this ladder down to an isolated location, where an In between the staircases you used to reach each of the isolated locations is another staircase. Both need to be around level 66 (perfect if you want Gyarados in Tier 2). If … Exit through the East. Hang out with Bug Catchers at Josh & Tanner reveal their deck builds going into their fight with Trading Card Game Island's four Grand Masters (aka Elite Four), as well as their favorite cards of the week, and their final card counts. Continue South until you reach Route 213, where you will head west from there to reach Pastoria City, Crasher Wake awaits you to turn the tides.Here is where Crasher Wake’s gym is. Learn more about the Movement for Black Lives here: Lead with Aggron and use Dragon Tail on Espeon to bring in Malamar. Either Gengar or Jellicent are the only suitable pokemon to set up on here, all others cannot be set up on. Sadly, that’s all there is to it here, so we exit the town through the east side to Route 205 and keep heading that way till you see a bridge, then go all north from there until you reach Eterna Forest.Once you find the exit of Eterna Forest on the top right side of the map, you go east to reach Eterna City, where Gardenia awaits challengers in her garden gym.This is where we find the 2nd gym leader, Gardenia.

Aside from the pointless Union Cave between them, Fjelstan finds the Sweeties abundant on Routes 32 & 33. (Metagross might take more than one Stored Power to KO, hope you still have Substitute up).The final battle awaits. Or, we can head to the Lost Meadows, just north of here. Finding nothing worthwhile on Routes 5 or 6, they visit Vermilion City and explore Diglett's Cave before using Bill's ticket to board the S.S. Anne. Find your way into Mt. Hosted by Josh Fjelstad and Tanner Greenring. )037 - Safari Zone, Lilycove City, Mt. She leads with a Krookodile (Dark/Ground). He leads with a Magic Bounce Espeon. Click a tab to list the routes in that region, then click a location to see the Pokémon there. Traverse the cave to reach Route 21, where going north will take you to Humilau City.Marlon is the gym leader and he uses water type Pokemon.After beating Marlon, gonorthwest to Route 22. Cilan, the grass leader is the gym leader.After beating Cilan, go west of Striaton City to Route 3. Ecruteak City is an old-fashioned city located in northern Johto, situated in the woods between tall Mt. Deep within the cave is the Karate King Kiyo, formerly of the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. Notes: Featuring "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.022 - Return to New Bark Town, S.S. Aqua, Vermilion City, & Thunder BadgeProfessor Elm invites the boys back to New Bark Town, where he is pleased to hear of their success in the Pokémon League. Ali encontrará muitos itens, alguns treinadores também. Once there, they drop off their Fossils at Cinnabar Lab, uncover secrets in the Pokémon Mansion, and then take on Gym Leader Blaine to get the seventh badge.006 - Power Plant, Saffron City, Silph Co., & Marsh BadgeWith newly acquired HM 03 Surf, Joshua & Mr. Squirt venture up north to see what's up in the dilapidated Power Plant. Mortar Phase III. Sapphire: GOLDEEN loves swimming wild and free in rivers and ponds. Walk up that one, and you'll encounter a stone in your way that must be moved with Strength. The leader’s name is Flannery, and she uses Fire type Pokémon.After beating this gym, head back to Mauville City and then West to Rusturf Tunnel. Stored Power everything except Scrafty, which you Moonblast.