Metro will now initiate planning studies and prepare a comprehensive financial plan for the Tier 1 list of projects. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is unique among the nation’s transportation agencies. This is because the system cannot distinguish between the two transponders so the standard transponder could be charged the toll even if the switchable transponder indicated the toll-free carpool switch setting. Plus, with the Transit Rewards program, you can earn ExpressLanes toll credits for riding. `c�=(���`8�P0( � P���KW��?��WIa�®#w�N��u87��~>5�&�B�����ŃA''M:�:���чȼ�3�G��\�̄E�]%��v��O�\��,/2l!B�Cڝ=ȹ�/i����_��e�=z>��8��M���cF�ԧwa22�#pEh�…�f�O�QajB_+�n�=��u�'' �k�!h� �mu�o:��r} �7�΄�8[Q �=�KV��A�[��I%=����, g\"h�Wz#������O�z�C �� L����Ա��BKv;�Z��Ԭؽ��PQ*����}���А�k�d�ȽRCۺ��0� =m�N�M˜-���깹mN�-Rd3C��0�CS���k�[�����ҥӒ���ߒ��,.�i COVID-19 Update. To learn more about each agency visit their website: 10/110 Metro ExpressLanes, Los Angeles County (Opens in a new window). It's important to get a transponder from the agency that operates the tolled bridge, lane or road you’ll use most because each tolling agency has its own rules and requirements. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) %PDF-1.6 %���� Call Center – (877) 812-0022

In order for the Metro ExpressLanes to operate efficiently, a combination of visual monitoring by California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicles, photo enforcement and FasTrak® will be used to ensure legal use of the ExpressLanes. The toll is higher when there is more traffic in the ExpressLanes, and lower when traffic is lighter. ExpressLanes provide mobility and offer safe and reliable trip for users. Credit/Debit Card Automatic Payment Initial Pre-Payment Amount: $40.00 Transponder Deposit: $0.00 Replenishment Automatic Minimum Replenishment: $40.00 Replenishment occurs automatically when minimum balance reaches $10.00 DescriptionYour credit/debit card will automatically be charged $40 or one month’s average use each time your FasTrak account balance … Tier 1 projects are near-term that would be constructed in the next five to 10 years. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is unique among the nation’s transportation agencies. h޼YmO��+����5N"��J� -�2��U?�ִѤI7Iz�=�Iڴ�-0�����y��9�c���0�]�82H\@�.���+�}"�=F��8�{�Hρ\Ga��k�9�s��c��������8�'\b�� �>'\�؂H}��JW��)���P��%R!g�HG3�'R4fD�BB�����ϰKBx�Pc�C��(h����%s����p4�Od ΈV�hG���v`��h-|ԗh���@PѾ�q In California, there are eleven agencies operating toll facilities.

With new access to the ExpressLanes, solo drivers can now beat the traffic and save time by choosing to use the ExpressLanes as a toll-paying customer. With The Toll Roads Rewards Program, accountholders who drive The Toll Roads at least once during the month will receive a special promotion from a local retail partner as a token of our appreciation. When traveling on the Metro ExpressLanes, a beacon light will indicate the transponder occupancy setting. The Metro Board approved the strategic plan in January 2017. Building on the success of the I-110 and I-10 ExpressLanes, the Metro Board directed staff in November 2014 to prepare a Countywide ExpressLanes Strategic Plan that would identify and recommend potential corridors that could benefit from ExpressLanes conversion. This rationale is confirmed by actual usage on the ExpressLanes. All rights reserved.

Round 2 of the Metro ExpressLanes grant program was approved by the Metro Board in 2016 – 21 projects were recommended for funding totaling $27,854,525. Grant funds were reinvested in projects/programs that provide direct mobility benefits to the I-10 and I-110 ExpressLanes within a three-mile radius. Tolls on the ExpressLanes will be calculated using Congestion Pricing. On some of California’s express lanes, qualifying carpools and other select vehicles are eligible for free or discounted toll rates.To be eligible for free or discounted toll rates, drivers need a switchable FasTrak transponders (also called FasTrak Flex ®) that has a small black switch that can be moved to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle. That means getting where you need to go faster. The latest breaking local news, Los Angeles county news, and … FasTrak transponders are distributed at Albertsons' service desks or at another prominent location within the store. Eligible carpools with FasTrak Flex travel the ExpressLanes toll-free and are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty program to earn toll credits or gift card rewards.