16 total teams qualified for the WOQTs. The two winners of the semifinals advanced to the Olympic Qualifying tournament. Under the original set-up, only the top seven teams of Division A and the top team of Division B would have advanced to the Asia/Oceania qualifiers. The FIBA Under-17 Women's Basketball World Cup (formerly FIBA Under-17 World Championship for Women) is an international under-17 basketball championship of the International Basketball Federation.The event started in July 2010 and is held bi-annually. The 2020 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournaments for Women were the three women's basketball tournaments that were contested by 16 national teams, where the top teams earned a place in the 2020 Summer Olympics basketball tournament.It was held from 6 to 9 February 2020. All results were nullified.The USA were already qualified as the reigning World Champions.China 3 Pts, +22 PD; South Korea 3 Pts, −3 PD; New Zealand 3 Pts, −19 PDJapan was already qualified as the host nation of the 2020 Olympics. The host nation and the 2018 World Cup winner qualified. There were no final played. The 2020 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Ostend was one of four 2020 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.The tournament was held in Ostend, Belgium, from 6 to 9 February 2020.. Canada and Belgium qualified for the Olympics, alongside Japan, who … Twelve teams qualified for the women's basketball at the 2020 Summer Olympics tournament. The 2019 FIBA Women's Asia Cup was planned to have two divisions, Division A and B. The tournament was played in Belgrade, Serbia due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.. China, Spain and South Korea qualified for the Olympics. Teams had to qualify for the Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournaments through Women's EuroBasket or Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournaments (which themselves must be qualified for through Continental Cups). The 2022 FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup, the 19th edition of FIBA's premier international tournament for women's national basketball teams, will be held in Sydney, Australia between 23 September and 3 October 2022.. European teams had to finish in the top six of EuroBasket, while teams from the Americas, Asia (including Oceania), and Africa played in pre-qualifying tournaments. The United States are the three-time defending champions. The 2020 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Foshan/Belgrade was one of four 2020 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.The tournament was planned to be held in Foshan, China, from 6 to 9 February 2020. However, Division B of was not held since there was no nation willing to host the tournament, and India which placed last in the FIBA Women's Asia Cup were given a slot in the Asia/Oceania qualifiers.There was a pre-qualifying process for the WOQTs. Those two teams, however, had to play in the pre-qualifying and qualifying tournaments and took one of the qualifying spots from those tournaments. DR Congo was disqualified after failing to show up to either of their games. The Olympic host (Japan) and the World Cup winner (United States) automatically qualified for the WOQTs, each taking a spot from their respective continent.