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We try to be a fair and considerate employer, paying a living wage rather than the minimum wage, and offering opportunities for development to all our staff. Many of our sightseeing tours cruise along the famous University Regatta course from Folly Bridge but public boat trips are also available to stunning Port Meadow on the northern outskirts of the city. Thames Shire Lake Close in the summer of 2007 and continue to develop style, repertoire and expertise. They did some demo sessions To celebrate a truly special occasion there can be few better options than to arrange the private use of our restaurant. How to get to popular attractions in London with public transportationThe Shard Big Ben

He has repeatedly received invitations to perform at the Edinburgh Festival, to the Hastings

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From 15th January until Monday 27th March, The Head of The River will be closed for an exciting refurbishment.

The origin of the name is uncertainThe bridge apparently stands at the site of the ford over which oxen could be driven across the Until the late 17th century the bridge was known as South Bridge, and formed part of a long causeway known as A toll-booth gateway tower used to straddle the approach to the bridge, which was on the There was also a weir underneath the bridge which had a The toll house was rebuilt in 1844 and is now, along with the bridge, also

The nearest stations to Folly Bridge are: London Eye Oxford Boat Hire , Sightseeing Tours , Self Guided Tours and group Treasure Hunts are available from our partners at Oxford River Cruises and Oxford Treasure Hunts . and enthusiastic support from many others.

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Manager: Marc Duvauchelle Tel: 01865 721600 Follow us; New look for The Head of The River. Our restaurant provides simply served, excellently cooked dishes crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients. It was on one such trip on July 4th 1862 that, to entertain the rather bored children, he began a story beginning with Alice pursuing a white rabbit down a hole in the river bank.

It was erected in 1825–27, to designs of a little-known architect, Ebenezer Perry (died 1850), who practised in London.The bridge is in two parts separated by an island.

You can also get to Folly Bridge by Bus or Train.

St Aldates Thames Street Catholic Church Of The Holy Rood Wheatley - Headington - Oxford City Centre - Harcourt Hill Our restaurant provides simply served, excellently cooked dishes crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients. We provide a unique restaurant venue beside the river, in the heart of historic Oxford. Imperica This relaxing afternoon cruise sails downstream from Folly Bridge taking in the best known reach of the River Thames in Oxford.