And with planners knowing that happy tummies make happy attendees, you can expect catering menus to kick some traditional beverages to the curb, replacing them with craft kombucha.

This article on Lucidity Africa's event blog explains why and how to get the best catering.

Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue.Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty.Seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance across your entire portfolio.Get all the support you want for your events because we know hospitality matters.Diagram events, wow attendees, and win clients with free planning tools.There’s no denying it: F&B plays an integral role in creating a desirable attendee experience. 77 Foodstuffs Events & Catering jobs available on Cannabinoids are making their way onto plates and into glasses, with CBD-infused menus becoming a mainstay moving into 2020. Catering Estimates. But with “Free-from” foods are expected to see continuous growth in coming years — especially The FDA ruled in 2018 that restaurants had to begin making caloric information readily available. And that doesn’t just mean what’s being served, it also extends to when it’s time to eat.


Concerns about food sourcing in 2020 won’t just be limited to how it’s grown. Event planners, caterers, and hotel sales managers need to put these 20 trends front and center, crafting F&B menus with a health-forward lens. It’s one of a handful of event catering trends you can expect to stick around beyond 2020: The As research continues to uncover just how important the human microbiome is to both mental and physical health, probiotic foods like kombucha, kefir, and kimchi are having their moment. And it’s not just cutting-edge plant-burger companies. to the table. As mentioned earlier, the streamlined operations mean that wastage is avoided, there is efficient time management among the staff, all without compromising the quality of the dishes served. Consistent, reliable service, creative designs and menus that are built to suit your needs whether it’s an evening reception, working lunch or a company picnic.Foodstuffs Events & Catering creates balanced menus, customized to your unique needs, emphasizing freshness, variety and flavor. Foodstuffs Events & Catering We are a boutique caterer featuring fresh, custom & creative menus. Savvy gourmet chefs are making putting peas, cashews, almonds, mushrooms, avocados, beets, and beyond center stage where a cut of beef might have traditionally been. We work closely with you to develop a program that will boost satisfaction and participation, and create a first-class amenity for employees. Staff will arrive, set up food displays, and then leave. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of, so many contingencies to prepare for, a lot of people to speak to, and, depending on the size and nature of the party itself, a lot of things to shell out money on.Roadside Kitchens network of gourmet food trucks covers a wide area across the country. The streamlined process has been honed and perfected by years of doing the same thing, so these people naturally know how to ensure that everything is in order. We already talked about plant-based meat blended from legumes and veggies. We own and operate our own food trucks and understand the food truck industry. catering either mobile or in temporary situations.

Known for their remarkable nutritional density, this label spans berries, grains, fish, probiotics, and more.