Vehicles owned by foreign armed forces residing on the territory of the Republic of Poland on the basis of international agreements shall be registered by the competent authority of Polish Armed Forces (pursuant to Article 73 (2b) of the Road Traffic Act). Step two – register your place of residence. Cars are not the most eco-friendly option, but they are definitely comfortable means of transport. If you feel that you need one in Poland, read about foreigner's guide to buying a car. vehicle history card; registration document; insurance policy (if still valid) car keys (usually two sets) After the purchase you have 30 days to register the new car. With the latter option, you have a few paths to choose: dealership, resale centres, or individual sellers, e.g. The following do not require roadworthiness testing: You may be relieved to learn that there are no restrictions for foreigners when it comes to buying cars or other vehicles. Only cars insured in Poland can get a valid technical check in Poland. The temporary registration of your stay lasts between 3 months and 5 years whilst the permanent is for over 5 years. To register a car in someone's name, you need: a) The sales contract, in Polish, or a copy translated into Polish by an approved translator b) Proof that sales tax has been paid on the contract if the value is over 900PLN c) Proof of ID for the registered owner Renting a car in Poland. Time allowed for re-registering a vehicle If you move to Poland, you have one month (30 days) to re-register a vehicle previously registered in another EU country, counting from the day of its importation. In the second case, make sure you check the overall condition of the vehicle, oil, tires and engine.Once the transaction is complete, you will get a set which ought to include:After the purchase you have 30 days to register the new car.To register your newly bought car, one needs to visit the communication department at a town hall (or a local council – All the documents should be original and in Polish (if in other languages, certified translations should be included). Car owners must bring their vehicles for roadworthiness testing. There is no possibility for the owner to keep the licence number for use on a different car, even if it's a custom number. The first roadworthiness test takes place before a vehicle is registered in Poland for the first time.The following do not require roadworthiness testing:These exceptions do not apply to taxis, emergency vehicles or vehicles that have been adapted or equipped in accordance with the rules on the carriage of dangerous goods, vehicles with onboard devices subject to technical supervision or left-hand drive vehicles.A passenger car must undergo a roadworthiness test Roadworthiness tests are carried out in authorised vehicle inspection centres, under the administrative supervision of the head of the district authority (You can register your vehicle at the district authority (To register an imported vehicle (new or used), you should submit the following key documents:The recycling fee applies to vehicles brought to Poland before 1 January 2016. You are free to buy your dream car either from a dealer or a used one. The rules and regulations for car owners or car renters are the same. In Poland, all citizens are obliged to indicate their place of residence and this rule as well applies to foreigners staying in Poland for over 3 months. via the Internet. So if your technical check will soon be out of date and your car is insured abroad, you might have found yourself a good excuse for a trip home. There are two options: Vehicle registration plates of Poland indicate the region of registration of the vehicle encoded in the number plate.
According to Polish law, the registration plate is tied to the vehicle, not the owner. Vehicle registration. However, there might be some individual cases where registering a car may cost much more.Once all this is taken care of, you will get a temporary registration document and within a month or so you should receive its proper version.Tired of public transport in Poland (which, by the way, is said to be excellent)?

Car owners must bring their vehicles for roadworthiness testing.