Take this info with the amount of salt required to preserve a salmon, but if these ever get back in stock and you ask nicely in the order comment, they might toss you the size you've asked for.Ordered 2 and got size 1's. Most every website and eBay/Amazon incorrectly identifies these masks as Polish MP5’s. Top condition and interestingly enough I've been sent two sizes, stamped on the forehead seal, 2 and 3 with 3 being smaller. The panoramic visors on mine were very slightly yellowed, but that's a given. They don’t know their gas masks!These French gas masks come in four sizes: Small=4, Medium=3, Large=2.

A modern (read: actually made for humans and doesnt contain asbestos) gas mask for a modest price! A small would fit most teenagers and petite women, the extra large for those with very big heads or obese individuals. 90 % of orders ship on the next work day They fit well and are comfortable. * Everyone misidentifies these as Polish MP5 gas masks, but they are actually a French ANP-VP F1 gas mask. With the help of analytics and marketing cookies, we collect information about the use of our website.

The panoramic view window may have some yellowing with age. A carry bag included!A modern (read: actually made for humans and doesn't contain asbestos) gas mask for a modest price! As a regular customer you can browse your order history, follow the status of your orders.

A carry bag included!

If you strongly disagree with this text, please press thumb down button.Cookies, bloody cookies! French / Polish MP5 ARFA Gas Mask 40mm Military Respirator Size 1. Used Hungarian M76 Military Surplus Gas Mask with 40mm Filter and Bag Survival. However, I would recommend to put the mask on at a 45 degree angle above and in front of your head, putting the straps on behind the head first and then pulling forwards and over the face. These masks have an integral drinking straw/hydration system, but does not include a hose or canteen. The strap system is very easy to use, just insert the buckles in and around the notch and tighten. Express shipping up to 15 lb $ 14.99 You can also send us email or call us! France ANP-VP F1 Gas Mask, not Poland MP5! $69.72. These masks are used French military surplus in good condition and come with a sealed 40mm NATO NBC cartridge, the most universal filter for gas masks around the world. $29.99. Still satisfied however, as its in excellent condition. Log in and join the conversation. Despite being of French origin, these are proper good stuff. With this data, we develop the user experience on our web store and provide you with more interesting products and offers. This mask is a long way from crappy but admittedly weirdly sensual rubber hoods of the near past. The bag is a rubberized canvas with main center compartment (with multiple pockets inside), two large side compartments, and two nylon webbing straps with MOLLE compatible clip attachment hooks.Here’s an English translation of the French user’s manual:  Size small French ANP-VP F1 Gas Mask with sealed 40mm NATO NBC filter and rubberized canvas bag. Note that these are French ARFA masks, not Polish MP5s. We are working on other benefits also. This is the most universal standard used by military all over the world, however they will not fit the Russian/Soviet masks … The face of the mask is made of plastic and it has one large viewfinder and the absorption mount is located at the bottom of the mask.

Full Face New Military M10 NBC Gas Mask Respirator w/ … You can access our web store equally well no matter which option you choose, but of course, we hope that you will accept our cookies. Extra Large=1.

Polish mask has White 'MASKPOL SA and. Free shipping with Posti Priority for orders over $200 I measure roughly 13cm, she's 12ish. ADAM GEARY Jul 06, 2020 (5 out of 5) Treat these like a grab-bag and buy several.

Its fit and ergonomics are designed not to interfere with helmet use and weapon handling, and doffing and donning is fast thanks to the good adjustment strap system on the back.The filter is included and represents original French design. The cookies are blocked until you specifically accept them. The Polish MP5 is a licensed copy of the French ANP-VP F1 and can easily be identified by the slotted radial design of the center voicemitter cover, rather than the holes of the French ANP-VP F1 as you can see here.

Nice as a collector's piece thoughWhat uses the Scott model if you want to send it to the USA why were you not send the Scott model to the USASelection says it's not possible to ship to my country, why is this? That 2 I kept was ok, but was so dry so the rubber inside falls apart if you touch it to hard, first time I buy something from varustaleka that was not worth the money, but still is my favourite shop.va tuote.Vaatii kyllä näpräystä kireitten lenkkien kanssa.Juomaputki onkin sittes hauska:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t69ziquwbAQToimiva ja aika mukava kieltämättä.

However interestly in the inside of the MASKPOL face piece there is an emposed MRE 3 plus the nasal cup is white stamped MRE 3, so there has been reuse of French parts or its just that the mould was not altered for manufacture If you wish to ask us anything, please click on the message button on the right side of the page. Price in toilet paper rolls approximately 98 toilet paper rolls. Received the french version of the MP5 gas mask. Schott 40mm suodin sopii hyvin. The price is stellar for ~$30.Nice condition but did not have the exhalation port on the front, essentially rendering it useless. Despite being of French origin, these are proper good stuff. You can change these settings at any time you want by clicking on the Cookie Settings link at the bottom of the page. Mukana tuleva kassi on aika iso, oikeastaan liiankin iso.