we cant risk malicious downloads or whatever. HOME. No NSFW links. Don't leak personal information of anyone. leave them here. But if they're important. Focus on the ban appeal forums. Please no links in the description regardless of what link it is. DarkRP Wesbite Unturned Website Twitch Twitter Instagram Unturned Discord DarkRP Discord Steam Group Rules: Be respectful. also no miller. You'd have to apply for unturned life but fudgy had too mangy players. Appeal on the unturned forums please. Don't spam.

unturned or GMOD DarkRP? KOS is allowed, Killin in the safezone is not - Please check the map for the no-kill zone.Be respectful - Don't upset other players and treat them how you would like to be treated. Should be in a thread in the discussions section Unfortunately, if you're found breaking rules you may be banned from the server by staff. I appealed for unban because all I did was hits as a hitman but people were getting mad I got baned, because buid in the safe zone. - Do not fake putting your hands up, this means putting them up then putting them down when a LEO or a robber is trying to cuff/frisk you. No trading or anything related to gambling. So we had to close the applications. ABOUT. I want to try it out. sorry to hear that. Direct them over to the forums. You can still defend yourself if attacked by your prey. All rights reserved.

-NLR (new life rule, meaning once you have died you have a new life and forget everything and every one, this does not apply to LEOs)-Putting KOS or RDM on your signs is not allowed-Do not camp at any kos zone. 0.

You shouldnt be trading here just to let you know.

STORE. You must wait at least 2 minutes after you switch to hitman to claim a bounty, or it is Fail RP.

look for it's thread.

My ban time is up, But I still cant join. but i didnt built anithing Btw i dont know how to build.

Be more specfic please.

Sorry It was open to everyone. Building is allowed but not in the no-build zone. Don't spam. Mais... Server IP & Port: No thing is. Hey man.

yo can anyone help when i try to join the dark rp server it doesnt even show up thank you.

Our old home in Greece won't be forgotten but it's time we start our new life.

Hey everyone, I'm Fudgy/Ben and I upload gaming videos on Unturned, Gmod and virtual reality but occasionally spice things up and play different games! We don't want to ban anyone, believe me, it's the last thing we want to do, but we will if we have to.24/7 - Server is always up (unless doing maintenance)40 Slots - Possibly getting more servers in the near futureCurrency - Sell and buy items in-game with other playersThe Survivor Pack, More Farming Mod, Nordic Armory 2.0, The Admin Mod, SMD FW 2019, Creator Tools, Hawaii Assets, Dango, WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA - Unturned Life Roleplay #543 WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA - Unturned Life Roleplay #543 The first episode in the new safezone.

Unturned Maps List. Not here.

Rules: KOS is allowed, Killin in the safezone is not - Please check the map for the no-kill zone.

SERVER. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

No trolling/loopholes. not here.

Guys where do i find the addons to install for Fudgy's DarkRP server?

Appeal/discuss this on your respective forums whether it's GMOD or Unturned. Thank you. The No-Build zone is the same zone as the No-Kill Zone. Get this to a moderator or admin Doing any of the above can result in a FailRP ban.