Diwali — or Deepavali — is coming up on Wednesday, and it's a beautiful time of year to celebrate. A: 1 day B: 5 days C: 10 days D: 1 month 3: Which of these religious groups does not celebrate Diwali? If you are incorrect, don't lose heart. Diwali is one of the most celebrated holidays in India. If TheHolidaySpot brings to you a pretty little quiz on Diwali. Row of lighted lamps 2. A. Lord Vardhaman Mahaveer and Swami Dayananda Saraswati 4. Luck! Have a go

Questions and Answers on Diwali Festival. Every year we Indians celebrate this unique season of lights and fireworks with much excitement. Diwali is such a positive festival, and its message of good triumphing over evil is a universal one.Even if you are not religious — I'm not, for example — it is important to respect others' beliefs, and having some understanding of why a holiday is celebrated is a great way to learn about and immerse yourself in other cultures. point. you like our quiz, why not

Diwali is the shortened version of Deepavali. Diwali-Fest. you meet up with friends and cousins during the festive days, you can put The Festival of Darkness.

And in Nepal (a country bordering north-east India), people celebrate Lord Krishna’s victory over the wicked king Narakaasura. While Diwali is supposed to be a festival that signifies piety and purity, it is also the one day most associated with ‘fun’ for Indian families. Take this quiz to find out - right now! 2/10. In several northern parts of India — though this has changed over the years to include other parts of the subcontinent — During the five-day celebration of Diwali, there are also days devoted to celebrating the devotion between husband and wife as well as between brother and sister. Christmas. But Diwali is an ancient tradition, and needs to be respected as such. When Therefore, I cannot pretend to speak to every single person's understanding of Diwali, because it means something different to every person who celebrates it. brings to you a pretty little quiz on Diwali. The victory of light over darkness, and good over evil. Jains . A: Festival of Sounds B: Festival of Lights C: Festival of Colours D: Festival of Images 2: How long does Diwali last? Good Join now. But do you know enough about this festival?

Every year we Join now. Test your knowledge and see for yourself if you really know enough about this glittering festival. Indians celebrate this unique season of lights and fireworks with much Hindus. What is Diwali also known as? What does the word Deepavali actually mean? Tip: The questions given below jell perfectly with the Puja mood. Although it signifies different things for different people, it is ultimately a festival that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, or good over evil. There are numerous religious ceremonies performed during Diwali, which vary from region to region. I'm glad that people outside my culture enjoy participating in the festivities, but it's frustrating — as it is during any other religious or cultural holiday — to see people neglect its cultural and historical significance. History. Ask your question. Log in. 3/10.

1. 1/10. A short quiz on diwali (about 10 questions) Get the answers you need, now! 1. 6) In the region of Bengal people worship the goddess Kali, the destroyer of evil forces, during Diwali. Diwali is a fun time of year, and it's easy to think that it's only about the lights or the food or the decorations. Answers are provided at the bottom of the quiz. Let's take a closer look at why Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists celebrate Diwali.Diwali is an official holiday not only in India, but also in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, and several other countries, and in some parts of India, it also coincides with the Hindu New Year. Sikhs. Anything above 6 points is good! Secondary School. Despite this, it carries with it the universal theme of light defeating darkness, which is how it became known as the festival of lights.As I said, Diwali is celebrated for a number of different reasons across the board, but the themes of return, light, and goodness seem to be universal.

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A. Test your Diwali Quotient with just 15 questions. There is no public holiday for Diwali in which of the following countries? 1. 7) But it’s not just about lights and legends –– Diwali is a time to have fun … at these. General Awareness: Diwali Quiz (Set-2) General Knowledge Quiz. Be ready for some curly questions too and for every right answer treat yourself or your family/friend with something special. A. Thailand 3. Diwali Fun Fact Quiz 2018 Have you read our Blog on Diwali 2018? On this day alone, the family’s elders and youngsters all get together to take part in this fun activity. One of the most popular traditions during Diwali in north India is that of playing cards and gambling with money in the evening. Log in. If you are correct in the first try, you will be credited with a What does Diwali symbolise? We want you to acknowledge us and celebrate with us, and hopefully, this Diwali primer will help you out this month as you navigate various celebrations of the holiday. For this reason, it is one of the happiest and brightest festivals of the year.When Diwali is approaching, people clean their homes and decorate them. But Diwali is an ancient tradition, and needs to be respected as such. Here is a little quiz to remind ourselves about Diwali and the origins that makes Diwali the most popular festival of India. Test your general knowledge and general awareness with our questions and answers on Jagranjosh.com. For example, at the border between their countries, Diwali is a fun time of year, and it's easy to think that it's only about the lights or the food or the decorations. But while it has been popularized as the festival of lights, it is so much more than that — so This holiday is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists across the world, and the reasons for its celebration vary on the basis of religious, cultural, and regional tradition. this Diwali quiz to good use on them and surprise with your knowledge.