“Anthology of Interest I” (season 2, episode 16; originally aired 5/21/2000) In which there’s a giant robot, a murderous cyclops, and a plot hole… Continuity is a marvellous storytelling tool. This causes him to fall on The The scenario starts at Planet Express, where Leela shows off her new boots bought on impulse, the only difference being a green stripe down the side. When Leela wonders what it would be like if she was more impulsive, the story that follows demonstrates that her uptight, by-the-book approach to life is all that prevents her from going on a killing spree. EPISODE LIST. Leela then karate-kicks Farnsworth on an impulse, sending him into a pit housing his pet man-eating When Hermes discovers the Professor's fate, he shows Leela the Professor's video will, which shows Leela kicking him into the anteater pit. The Professor's "What If" machine answers 4 questions. The next morning Fry notices Leela eating lobster (which is actually Zoidberg) and accepts her offer to have some with her. She tries acting like nothing's happened but In short, this what-if works out fot both Fry and Leela. And the twenty minutes are certainly never boring. Dec 24, 2016 - Explore Sean Ramsdell's board "Anthology Of Interest" on Pinterest. 12. He judges the Fing-Longer to be a success and is congratulated by the crew. It is the follow up to Anthology of Interest I which aired in 2000. This episode, as well as the later "Anthology of Interest II", serves to showcase three out-of-canon "imaginary" stories, in a manner similar to the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes of MAtt Groening's other animated series The Simpsons. But it is odd that in the year 3000, apparently human sexuality has remained stuck largely in the 1950s. He is morally unconcerned, but takes the opportunity to Zoidberg holds a meeting with the rest of the crew to determine the identity of the killer. episode of the fourth season of Futurama. There’s a sneaking suspicion early on that this war is human-caused (Zapp’s briefing on the battle ahead is low on details, big on lies and double-talk), but the confirmation of this doesn’t lead to a sudden reversal in the fortunes of the downtrodden. At first, the board looks clear and full of possibilities, but the more you play, the fewer options you have left open to you, and the more important it becomes that you choose correctly.
After being told that Bender's scenario would not be done again, Fry asks what would happen if he had not "fallen into the freezer-doodle and come to the future-jiggy".

The final joke, which has Bender struggling to guess the word he uses least often, depends on information we learned only a few minutes before. Fry asks Leela to marry him, and they face their destiny together as the Professor's latest invention alters the fabric of time.Dr. TV-14 Comedy Central. It aired on January 6, 2002. Futurama Episodes. These aren’t segments designed to offer much in the way of emotional depth or character work; the most they accomplish is some light commentary on the protagonists’ fundamental characteristics.

)While the Leela/Lee Lemon plot was somewhat underdone, the low-key approach actually helped the material in some ways, as it turned the joke into less a case of concealed identity, and more a bit about how dumb everyone else was not to see through the ruse.

It is then shown that everything before was just a simulation by the What-if machine created when the Professor asked what would have happened if he I’m probably just being overly critical here, but the last segment at least demonstrated some ambition. Fry’s segment is the closest “Anthology” comes to really living up to the potential of its premise, managing to cram a lot of weirdness and a few twists into its compact frame. The script even works in a final reversal, when we learn in the last scene that the everything else we saw was just the result of Professor Farnsworth asking the “What If” machine what would happen if he invented the Finglonger. But Kiff also reacts disgustedly at the idea at one point in the episode, which is kind of weird. Another rift appears during the attempted murder, with Bender throwing a beer bottle at the Rangers. In this alternate history, Fry narrowly misses falling into the cryogenic tube, and is never frozen. Link: Episode Transcript Listing - The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki Shows with not enough episodes listed, or no episodes listed at all, will be highlighted in red., Shows that are incomplete, or do not have enough transcripts added, will be highlighted in yellow., Shows that have pages created for all episodes, but are not fully formatted, will be highlighted in light blue. Added to Watchlist.
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With Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille.

Nichols suggests that Fry be frozen in order to stabilize the space-time continuum. "Anthology of Interest I" is episode sixteen in season two of Futurama. Also, the scene where Fry falls back does not contain Nibbler.

" Anthology of Interest I ", alternatively titled " Tales of Interest ", is the twenty-ninth episode of Futurama, the sixteenth of the second production season and the twentieth and last of the second broadcast season. They determine Fry was supposed to die and try to kill him. 13.