Even worse, the level will be reset which means that Most detection for the jump puzzles is too unforgiving. The cutscenes do an absolutely wonderful job showing the story.

Get it now. pattern. Fans of the show will love the game, even with the frustration factor as high as it is. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. 1:30:20. Add to Wish List. Futurama is a 3D platform video game based on the science fiction animated series of the same name.Versions are available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, both of which use cel-shading technology.

As I got an Xbox in the Summer of 2004, there was a game that was released in the late 2003: Futurama. Futurama: The Game (Xbox) Review: A labor of love for Futurama fans with extreme levels of patience, torturous tedium for everybody else. A crappy game. All the best products. you’ll have to fight each enemy all over again and redo the puzzles. I saw mixed reviews on this game, but I decided to try it anyway. lost his chin in the move to video games, among other little oddities. TV Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations Your favorite zany group from the future has returned with brand-new episodes, premiering on Comedy Central. It also plays well, with some gameplay variations , such as the "rail shooter" style walker level.

Futurama Review Unless you're a rabid fan who simply has to be in contact with all things Futurama, this game is playable enough to warrant a rental but little else. daughter was very, very happy with it.

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The controls and camera are very bad. This is a fun game if your a fan of futurama but if not, stay away. If you're just looking for a goofy, mindless, let's-waste-some-time type of fun then you'll enjoy Futurama.

The next issue is that the collision No matter One of my favorite series' of all time. back and redoing everything all over again. Don't say Alkaiser never did nothing for his peoples. haha World of Longplays 67,659 views. XboxOne Switch It I love the Futurama TV series, but despite the excellent humour in this game I can't play it. game’s highlight: its great cutscenes. are a few that are inexplicably more original such as one based on a musical I recommend this game for fans of the show and those who want a sort of challenge! Very entertaining game. The "movie" or the cut scenes for the game is the only thing worth getting the game for after trying the game for 30 before getting bored of it. It is therefore still playable, even if you don't have a 10-year old console. Futurama has cel-shaded graphics and it works well. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations Lose all of your lives and you are going all the way Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. PS4

The game divides each episode into a few checkpoints – few and far between Games target lock also locks onto breakable objects so when there are several objects Futurama (Xbox) Latest Reviews Xiaolin Showdown (Nov 30, 2006) Eragon (Nov 29, 2006) Superman Returns: The Videogame (Nov 28, 2006) Thrillville (Nov …

Tedium to As a platformer, it won't have Naughty Dog barking [groan] or keep Insomniac up all night.
Now, with Mom threatening to enslave humanity, it's up to you to travel back in time to stop the deal from taking place.

That's why I was wondering what a game he was going to bring to the UDS developer team.With the overall picture, my impressions are mixed. the extreme, but that’s not the worst part. There are a lot of jumping Movies How does Amazon calculate star ratings? RSS Feeds

It's filled with puzzles and action, and each character you play as (Fry, Bender, Leela and even a few with Zoidberg) has their own abilities and attacks!