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MENU Tasha gives Geet clothes for the party, saying Maan has sent them. Episode 40. Dadimaa tells Maan not to punish every woman for Sameera’s betrayal. Brij asks Rajji about Geet. 1x41 Season 1, Episode 41 … However, while presenting, she remembers her family in Hoshiyarpur, and is unable to continue.The detective tells Dev that Geet is in Delhi. Gurvinder escapes from getting killed by Brij.

Daarji informs Daima that the Handas want to abort Geet’s baby.Geet tries to hide to save her child but Brij spots her in the storeroom and attacks her. Everyone is shocked to see Geet alive. Dev asks Maan to join the business. Meanwhile, Geet takes up the job offered by Dadimaa. Our best wishes for a productive day. Sinopsis Geet Episode 40 Hari Ini Jumat 24 Februari 2017: Maan Syok Setelah Tahu Kebenaran! Daarji informs Daima that the Handas want to abort Geet’s baby.


Geet asks Pinky to take her to the Canadian embassy, but Pinky gets a call from her office and rushes there with Geet.Shasha mistakes Geet for a candidate for the post of Maan’s secretary.

To her shock, Geet finds out that Savitri Devi is Maan’s Dadimaa.Maan and Geet fight about who should have the bed. Maan hurts Geet. Maan says that he will only do so if she leaves the house.Maan is irritated because he has to share a kitchen with Geet.

Sasha wants to attend the party in place of Geet and plays a game with her to get the pass.Geet arrives at the party but doesn’t fit in. Geet asks Maan Singh to take Gurvinder with him. Netflix militan.co.id | Geet Episode 40 : Naintara Tinggalkan Dev, Geet Bingung Jelaskan Masa Lalunya Pada Maan Film, Setelah Geet menjelaskan tentang arti cinta,

She decides to do it, but also vows to avoid Maan. Maan finds her at the hotel lobby and consoles her. Episode and Series guides for Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi. Geet asks Maan Singh to not interfere in her personal matters.

Sasha questions her relationship with Maan, as she is staying in his house, and decides to take revenge on her. Instead he tells her that his presence in her life will always torment Geet. On learning that Geet has left them, Savitri Devi faints and the doctor is called for.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - ep 89 Social; Share; 1 (1 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Embed Video; Embed normal player Copy to Clipboard; Embed a smaller player Copy to Clipboard; Advanced Embedding Options Embedding Options. Geet tries to call Maan but Dev picks up the call. Maan finds that all his belonging have vanished from the room. Later, she gets wet from the shower and asks Maan to hand her new clothes. Season 2. PG.

Geet feels vulnerable and refuses to go for a client lunch.Geet and Sasha argue about who is more important to Maan. Watch Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - Hindi Romance TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now.

He cooks pasta for himself but burns his hand in the process. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. However, Maan convinces her to come.

Maan is annoyed when thoughts of Geet keep him from working. Where to Watch? It is a completely new experience for Maan as Geet forces him to perform Bhangra.Dev teases Mann about his secretary. No summary found for this show awaiting 10 votes. Select season: 1; awaiting 10 votes. Geet, abandoned by her NRI husband, braves difficulties to find her way in a new... However, since Geet has asked him to stay away, Mann doesn’t call her. Later, she requests staff at the Canadian embassy for Dev’s contact details, but they refuse to disclose any information.Maan is shocked to see Geet in his office. Daarji confronts Geet for trying to escape from the house. He teases Geet as she is unable to find the ingredients to cook her dish. But lost in thought, Maan misses out on the conversation.

It looks like Nayantara has an eye on the property.Dadi Ma meets Geet in the office and complains about Maan’s arrogant behavior. Later, Geet searches for Dev on the net. Later, Maan advises Geet to seek legal help.Geet tells everyone about Brij’s attempt to kill her. Stay in touch with Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi next episode Air Date and your favorite TV Shows. Meanwhile, Geet tells Maan about his importance in her life.