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‘Kind, generous and good natured, she was a good friend to many and was devoted to her family.’ ‘It was a generous and humane impulse that has brought huge benefits to this country.’ ‘You talk about helping others and being generous and kind and … hojny, wspaniałomyślny, spory…

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.
P.IVA 06333200829 REA PA-314445 From the Generous” by Olivia Holt is a song that talks about how she has her guard up high when it comes to relationships but she is willing to let this guy in because she is feeling generous. 性格, (尤指超乎一般或期望地)慷慨的,大方的, 寬宏大量的,仁慈的… Generous people report being happier, healthier, and more satisfied with life than those who don’t give. The original sense was ‘of noble birth’, hence ‘characteristic of noble birth, courageous, magnanimous, not mean’.Showing a readiness to give more of something, especially money, than is strictly necessary or expected., lavish, magnanimous, munificent, giving, open-handed, free-handed, bountiful, unselfish, ungrudging, unstinting, unsparing, free, indulgent, prodigal, princely, kind, kindly, benevolent, beneficent, altruistic, charitable, philanthropic, noble, lofty, high-minded, big-hearted, honourable, good, unselfish, self-sacrificing, unprejudiced, disinterested, good-natured, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, warm-hearted, soft-hearted, good-hearted, tender, caring, feeling, affectionate, loving, warm, gentle, mellow, mild(of a thing) larger or more plentiful than is usual or necessary., plentiful, copious, ample, liberal, munificent, bountiful, large, huge, great, abundant, profuse, rich, bumper, flush, overflowing, superabundant, infinite, inexhaustible, opulent, prolific, teemingThese Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In EnglishDoes English Have More Words Than Any Other Language?Are You Learning English?

20. From the freigiebig, üppig, großmütig…

Liberal in giving or sharing.