New up and rising company. Also no training provided or any other form of health &safety on site (1 time ive seen this in last 8y) Everybody's shouting at you. Be instantly and continuously matched to the latest Greencore jobs based on your profile and aspirations. Then they make sure you don't get the spot ..ever!I got experience working in maintenance.sanitation.

Take the line 42 bus from Worksop, Victoria Road to Manton Wood, GreencoreWorksop is the largest town in the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire, England. Line 42 bus • 11 min. As a leading producer of convenience foods, we have a passion for food and take real pride in helping our customers to efficiently meet their consumers’ needs. Its caves contain the northernmost cave art in Europe. Join our community where you can search and apply for jobs and connect with like minded people.

Greencore, Dublin, Ireland. Join the Greencore Community. It was the seat of the Pelham-Clintons, Dukes of Newcastle. Spread the word. The evidence of occupation found in the rich series of sediments that accumulated over many thousands of years is regarded as internationally unique in demonstrating how prehistoric people managed to live at the extreme northernmost limits of their territory during the Late Pleistocene period.Mr Straw's House is a National Trust property in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. Worksop lies on the River Ryton, and is located at the northern edge of Sherwood Forest. My time there the managers were trashI liked the job there are some Pros and Cons.

Great experience and machine work. My supervisor had to make them train me in certain areas. Prices start at £75 per night.Stagecoach East Midlands operates a bus from Worksop, Victoria Road to Manton Wood, Greencore hourly. Greencore sandwich factory in Worksop, NottinghamshireWorkers assemble sandwiches at Greencore's Manton Wood facility near WorksopWorkers prepare cheese and salad sandwiches at Greencore's Manton Wood facility near WorksopWorkers prepare cheese and salad sandwiches at Greencore's Manton Wood facility near WorksopA worker places slices of cheese on brown bread at Greencore's Manton Wood facility near WorksopA worker places portions of shrimp on pieces of bread at Greencore's Manton Wood facility near Worksop Competitive Permanent - Full Time Apply by 01 September, 2020 Posted on 01 August, 2020 Hygiene Operative - Nights and Days - Boston. Room for advancement if you work for it but definitely a challenging job with great management.I loved it the people were great the environment was wonderful the work is only difficult if u make it hard for yourself people all around u will help you if u need it everybody is always willing to helpIt was very flexible with the hours. Recommended option. All the management get too big for their boots and don't treat people like human beingsWe earn a decent wage for doing a relatively easy job. Peps Mall. Cons are the coldness, and managers are wasn’t so kind.....The managers there are very rude if you don't go where they tell you to go even if you not suppose to be over there they will get smart and say click out and go home and the hours are crucial.Really hard to get full time.overall great company.hard to keep help short handed alot.but very flexible good people alot of chances of things are not going well.but I work there again if I needed toThe leads and long time associates are a click and they make sure you feel left out. What are the steps along the w…It was ok in the beginning but there no moving up in this company .I just feel like greencore use you an throw you out the door easy .an if you sick they dont care really at all .I like the app it helps me with jobs in furthering my career and i hope to find the job that im looking for i would like to keep getting emails with jobsThis is not a company I can move forward in and am never going to be involved enough to advance. The process took a week.

Providing lots of learning opportunity. but its so cold inside’ i always assigned in cold rooms. Search Jobs . They have no compassion. Displayed here are job ads that match your query. It is owned by the National Trust and open to the public.Hodsock Priory is an English country house in Nottinghamshire, 4 mi north of Worksop, England, and 1 mi south of Blyth.

We used to get an extra break because of the cold and this was taken away when a new manager came in.

Only changed the job because I was looking for something closer.