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Cacau. After the trauma of losing her parents, Harumi was temporarily rendered mute, and the rescue team tasked with saving her called her the "Quiet One" because of her catatonic shock. 8 notes Reblog. 86% Upvoted. share. Fan Art.

Δείτε τι λέει ο κόσμος και λάβετε μέρος στη συζήτηση. Harumi formally greets each of the Ninja, even earning the praise of Nya, who was initially irritated with her. Sleeping Beauty with some changes and my favorite ship, Lloyrumi!

Cacau. Harumi asks Garmadon to accept her as his daughter so that he can forget Lloyd. Here, he’s fully aware of Harumi’s intention and they have a “frenemy” relationship, they can fight each other one day and the next day, they can help each other. Posted by 6 months ago. As opposite views and betrayal begin to ruin their new family, Lloyd's … hey y’all if Harumi got a redemption arc how would you want to see it happen?It has occurred to me that I have not posted any links to Harumi fanart.

Harumi fanart. Cryptor: The trick is to play music louder than your thoughts.Cryptor to Tomo: This is a drawing of Harumi from the Ninjago tv show, and my OC Emiko.She goes by Emi for short, she's Harumi's older sister and a character that will come into my Ninjago story later on! I’ll carve our initials into a tree because it’s the romantic way to let you know I have a knife.Lord Garmadon:  A ripped photo fluttered delicately through the air and landed in the curious grasp of a paramedic.Like I promised, more Harumi Komaeda! basically Morro, Mr. E(cho), Harumi and the bizarro boys find out about a evil force that threatens Ninjago while in the Departed Realm and, after realizing they don’t actually want to be evil(in Morro’s case, he already knew, and Harumi is just going along because they are her only friends now and she doesn’t want to be alone), they go on a journey to find a way to defeat this evil, or at least warn the ninja. On Ninjago Wikia, it is mentioned that to date only 5 main antagonists have been redeemed, namely Garmadon, Morro, Yang, Harumi and Unagami. See more ideas about Fundaluri, Zâne, Gene. Join Now Create Post . Deeply regrets this decision.- 

Following. Δείτε τι λέει ο κόσμος και λάβετε μέρος στη συζήτηση.Check out #NinjagoSeason8 images on Instagram: latest posts and popular posts about #NinjagoSeason8...Δείτε Tweets σχετικά με #ninjago στο Twitter. Harumi and Lloyd then have an intimate conversation, and witness Samurai X saving a group of homeless children from an attack by the Sons of Garmadon, with Lloyd grateful that the Ninja is not the only ones looking out for Ninjago. Now with the Servant sprites!
69 notes. Founder and Leader, later Second-in-Command, of the Sons of GarmadonAs a child, Harumi lived in Ninjago City with her mother and father and looked up to the Ninja as heroes. Estou aqui então para mostrar para vocês a minha fanart da Harumi. With all due respect, you are a major dick.Harumi: I don’t have that many close female friends, and book clubs are the worst, so I just thought, you know, this could be something fun to share.Ultraviolet: You’re becoming a criminal because you’re lonely?Lloyd: I really love this whole ‘good guy, bad guy’ act you guys got going.Harumi: It’s not really an act, it’s just more I’m nice and Tomo isn’t. save hide report. Harumi, also known as The Quiet One, is the founder and leader, later second-in-command, of the Sons of Garmadon. 38.

A very very old drawing from me of the season 2 finally, I … Lloyd later accidentally stumbles upon her removing her makeup in her private quarters. Followers .

Now with the Servant sprites!I told myself I wouldn’t join in but y’all really gonna claim Morro Ninjago as the Oncelor when Harumi is clearly the superior of the twoam i posting this to try to forget about polyninja in dashcon ball pit i made? For me, the other 4 are clear cut redeemed characters.

Cukierek Cuki.G 142,011 views UPSET all the time’ and I was like ‘Well no shit sherlock, HER PARENTS DIED and then you changed her name you fucking morons ’ and then I wasn’t allowed to attend court again until I was fifteen.
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