Katie Fleming Morris / Katie (56 episodes, 2014-2018) She and Jack later "date" in the later books. (uncredited) Harry Williams (3 episodes, 2018-2019) (uncredited) Mr. Hanley (27 episodes, 2008-2017)

/ Katie (uncredited) / Morris Lily Borden Guitarist Katie Fleming-Morris Cassandra Lee / Mrs. Bell Katie Rodeo Judge Georgie Fleming-Morris


Mom (85 episodes, 2009-2019) (4 episodes, 2009-2017) Ian Fernley Bob Grainger Samantha Louise 'Lou' Fleming / Greta Onieogou was born on March 14, 1991 in St. Petersburg, Russia as Greta Adah Onieogou. (35 episodes, 2013-2019) Equestrian Team Member

/ Maggie's Diner Patron Admitting Nurse / (1 episode, 2019) Levon Hanley Singer Rodeo Worker

He turned them, and himself, in and from then on, he refused to work with them again.As the owner of Fairland Stables, Lisa Stillman was bound to cross paths with the Bartlett/Fleming families in The actress who plays Lisa, Jessica Steen, probably has one of the most familiar faces in the cast of Jumping forward about two decades, however, saw Steen in guest appearances in some of our favorite cult classics, like As one of the main characters who runs the business side of Actress Michelle Morgan’s main project throughout her television career has been Most recently, she has taken on the role of Gabi Kane in Jack Bartlett is the family patriarch, and his presence in Lawson, who played probation officer and social worker Clint Riley, bagged a major role as Sheriff Nedley in © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |  tvshowpilot.com After this many seasons, you can’t help but fall in love and become attached.So while we’re all waiting for the next part of the story, wouldn’t it be great to explore the actors’ careers outside of We brought back some main and recurring characters who have appeared in This year, Amber Marshall is starring in another TV movie titled If you want to know more about what else Marshall has been up to, check out Kevin McGarry first appeared as Mitch Cutty in season 9 of McGarry seems to have been typecast into the character mold of someone kind, endearing, and well, just well-suited in the countryside setting.

Lacy Wheaton Amy's best friend who works at her mom's diner, Maggie's Diner. Thankfully, this relationship changes in the later seasons and they eventually become good friends. / (2 episodes, 2016-2017) / Announcer The actress who plays Lisa, Jessica Steen, probably has one of the most familiar faces in the cast of Heartland, and it’s because she has quite an extensive career in television. / / In the meantime, we’ve probably all started to feel a little of that familiar separation anxiety while we’re waiting in-between seasons. Peter Morris Diner Patron Lou Fleming Katie Fleming Morris Sparky's Owner

/ Nancy likes being around Heartland and likes helping around the house.

(2 episodes, 2013) Georgie Lily, Ty's mom / Woman / Cass Rodeo Announcer Kyle She is always there for Amy and becomes friends with Ashley. Georgie Fleming Morris / Guy in Truck In the most recent, sixth and seventh seasons of Though Greta Onieogou is credited in a recurring role in Since then, Onieogou has made several brief appearances in other television programs. Eric Williams


Cassandra (17 episodes, 2014-2017) (3 episodes, 2016-2017) Cook - Maggie's /

(3 episodes, 2008-2017) Rancher He was introduced as the owner of a wildlife rehabilitation center that catered to bears, buffalos, wolves, and many others. However, it was revealed that he was working with poachers. Diner Patron / Lou Fleming Morris /
Soraya eventually moves to London, England to be near her boyfriend. Soraya Martin. / Announcer Especially not when you’ve got such an amazing array of characters, both past, and present. Julia Maren Baker.

Mrs. Grant Justice of the Peace

(2 episodes, 2008-2017) Orderly / / She guest-starred as Aly in Kaitlyn Leeb’s character Cassandra Lee (later O’Dell, after marrying Caleb in season 10) was probably not the most likable when she was first introduced as a classmate of Ty’s in veterinarian school. Sam Langston - Owner of Big River Ranch Wildlife Official (uncredited) Moving forward to more recent times, however, he appeared as Victor Merasty in the first season of Currently, he plays FBI Special Agent Clinton Skye on CBS’ new crime drama, His current project, however, is a comedy series from truTV titled Mallory has a pretty complicated story arc throughout Jessica Amlee plays Mallory, which was her first major television role outside of a few TV movies and minor guest appearances in Her most recent project was a Netflix tween drama named Wyatt is Clay McMurty’s cousin who first appeared in the latter parts of season 10, when he and Clay bump into Georgie Morris and they later go out on a first date (despite already having a girlfriend, which is revealed later in the show).