It's about voting.

Why are we still on first first, the first person to do.

Don't No no.

Lord help our communities help our country help us father. The amount of love that's here today ever buy one. They're not seeing the whole lives don't matter.

One here let me say something to you. Amazing turnout. They are not with the protest, so they're standing out there. Don't hands up. I'm just kidding. Thank you good job. It's a big turn out more than what I thought.

I'm to Harrison. We're in Cabot, Arkansas the protester. We were packed on by the same people and unfortunately they take on hers. And this time. I was not expecting this.

I mean a lot of show up.

We're gonna slow down now. Don't shoot hands up. Gats and Hands up No. But the mind of the crowd for the cooperation of the.

A holy each other up when awake.

And we're also gonna take a moment of silence after our Speaker speaks as you please again remain respectful to our speakers because they did not have to be here but we are appreciative of them for. Don't do it for.

Are you okay? So when you get to the next corner down there, it's gonna be another water station.

One more matter what.

The official page for heat magazine and K TV Yeah, is that. I've been cheering your page too. Matter fireflies matter what.

Do not. No Justice, no peace, No Justice, No peace.

Within yourself, love yourself love your neighbor, no matter what so that we can fix the problem that is in. Don't shoot hands up. Jacksonville I wanna say thank you for opportunity for us to participate in this outstanding outstanding outstanding there. Hard Sir.

We want you to have plenty of water. The job that I possibly can. We are prepared. Don't it up. Sisters right now. Cabot He is down. I'm with Arkansas Street medics.

You're exactly it's about 98 percent.

We had some people running through the crowd. Is it back there? so. Because No.

The cause of his death was confirmed to be a suicide. So I wanna say we have our Jacksonville Riley for Black Lives matter.

Speak on it. I thought about all of the injustices that have happened. I made a call to Tiara and Brianna where you at ladies right here. Wraps Gatorade Yeah, they actually gonna give a shout out to this wonderful lady here and then they're both food water if you look down.

Police Should no one say nothing bad about Cabot is like I said an a plus on my choice. To our people of color, we will protect ourselves and we are not asking. Alright you guys weighing in. Appreciate you hold on let me the last one of you.

I'll be back a couple of em. It's a real negative. bring them out to support things like this.

just like they walk with us and we're gonna figure this out.


But it takes one up for.

If the police approach you we'll pass it out to So let's do the right thing. This is just not about George Floyd.


Don't you. No no hands up hands up. No no don't shoot. Cess I'm talking about. Look at my skin Look at my hair.

Let's get the party. They say young people who come out and vote.

Yeah, that wasn't that was a military that was actually citizen, and they said all lives matter so they came out with their guns.

Thanks. This is gonna be a road that not many are willing to travel down, but we can get there. We will not.

I can't breathe what I. It's my right if you don't vote, don't complain. Police So you have people and I guess this is for parking lot in the Verizon store parking lot.

To find it a wonderful office, and he told everybody exactly what needed to do to fix this problem. Very peaceful.

I'm assuming this is everybody's meeting up at it's right here. I thought about all the family and all of the joy the joy that we don't know about there wasn't recorded. that's out here right now. I mean, this is a very peaceful protest. Of them, Yes, ma' am okay. let it roll it out. That's what I'm told. go. Epic producer Crack Tracks, known not only for his musical talent, but also for his knowledge of the political climate in the U.S., dropped... I mean they really an amazing turnout. Oh no you're not me.

We're gonna prove them wrong right. 12. Oh, snap gadget.

is that correct. Don't shoot hands up.

Right right right?


I don't know we are doing this for Char's Carter, who was found handcuffs in the back of a Jonesboro police car Ma' am in 2012. No police No.

I want to walk and eat now. Yes. Yeah you've been killing it last night. I know I'm trying to help you out here.

He aim that thing at me. Oh my thank you for the vote. Thank you man. we have right here.

You're doing alright. If you don't want that you can. Well, let me grab it. So I wanna take on the cross or or what I don't know yet. Must get So police.

Let's Lives Matter black. No no.

Who are we doing for George Washington? Thanks, you're welcome. I'm gonna show you something. We cannot be satisfied. Anywhere I can donate this.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot hands up.

In my mind and for us to be able to be here.

I can't breathe. You guys hear me now.

I've got to find out more details so if anybody got details on this thing to me.

I'm telling you.

Better one.

We're gonna walk over the top of the bridges to the other side. This protest gonna be over with. I will if you tell me what time of protest is, I would definitely make it there. Here we go. Stay with the group and do what you know is right and show it show Little Rock show everybody that we know how to exercise our Second Amendment rights with black people and White. L-e I don't know what the police Department, but let's go through. Don't shoot hands up. Pss Go pee No peace.

And shopping! Hey you all.

I appreciate it though. One Three So we're gonna meet up the parking lot. To support each other and your wishes. They had a problem.