But I get the feeling the shipping and repair would be cost-prohibitive. Here is the longer “bolt” for use with a spare tire AND sub… The pinouts for the Helix connectors in case you want to make changes… I see a system currently for $460. I even listened to my 2014 GLI autobahns system with the fender to compare and this system beats the Fender stock system hands down… Thank you so much for posting your videos and pics along with the write up. Tony – Thanks for visiting! -ScottI’m looking for the harness cable of helix subwoofer.Pete – Sorry to say that I cannot help you. Helix and VW did a bit of work to get that system compatible with so many different VWs. $2,599.00 The staging is decent. Australian Distributor: Nirvana Sound +61 409 514 914 www.nirvanasound.com.au In addition, it will provide the sonic pleasures of packages costing well above it, even ones hovering around the century $ mark.
This is as used in ballistic protection plates and high tensile steel plate. So I thought I had all the correct parts but I am still wateing on the rest in the mail so as soon as I get them I will be finishing out the dash and can hear the great Sound I am excited for. Take Care! Did you see this with your install?Lawrence – Thanks for visiting. As Moraitis put it:When you place a turntable on a Minus K platform, it creates a new resonance pool (micro-environment) between the surface of the Minus K and the suspension system of the turntable.

See my video at Thanks for documenting your changes. Car Audio Forum > Car Amplifiers Forum > Archive through December 17, 2006 Forum > Brax/Helix the best? I purchased the Sub knowing it didn’t work with everything new in the box.
Helix Car Audio. My setup (external amp and sub) shuts off any time the engine is not running. It’s always nice to have photos to supplement the official instructions, which I found to be unusable. And the word “jumped” is super appropriate here. For starters, the plinth itself is CNC machined from solid aluminium, weighs 50kg and is connected to the Minus K system via a series of tuned interlocking plates.The Minus K itself is a system used by a wide range of high-tech industries including organisations in the aerospace (including NASA), medical, scientific and research spaces and many more. Helix DSP PRO MK2 10 Channel Car Digital Signal Processor. have been successfully used with Helix One and Two).I took the opportunity to ask both Mark Döhmann and new business partners George Moraitis and Jim Angelopoulos – both experienced audiophiles, music lovers and entrepreneurs with a strong vision for the company – several general questions followed by some more specific ones relating to the Helix Two’s ideologies and their juxtaposition with regards to Helix One.In order to achieve the sound quality that we strive for, we have implemented the same technologies into both models. Time will tell if my next car gets a custom subwoofer or if the Helix will suffice. I went ahead and paid (full price) for the local VW dealer to procure and install the Helix sound upgrade: wonderful improvement. I have an ’09 GTI and ran into an issue with my stereo upgrade. Can you check to be certain? -ScottThank you Scott! There are two subwoofers in the Helix subwoofer enclosure, but they are each dual-voicecoil woofers, which means each subwoofer has two sets of inputs.I did not use any “manual” settings for my programming; I simply went with whatever the dongle flashed for a four-door Golf/GTI.Thanks for the write up. I’ve read that Waze has problems in the CarPlay platform. On the other hand, I am planning on keeping my GTI for 5-7 years so I would invest extra $250 in the newer version if the sound is noticeably better.