Masks could also be made for unique characters within the piece for example, ‘The Furies’ as seen in The Eumenides by Aeschylus.The main function of the Greek chorus was to act almost as a relay service between the actors and the audience, to signpost important elements of the story or to provide a commentary to the audience about a certain characters actions and previous events. THE GREEK CHORUS' SMALL PLACE IN HISTORY The history of the Greek Chorus can be traced back to a relatively small time period; from the original Dithyrambs, to Thespis' small, but revolutionizing changes to the system, to Aeschylus' triple entente of tragedies … Oct 28, 2014 - Explore greekchorus's board "Greek Chorus" on Pinterest. The Greeks were heavily involved with religion and religious festivals, comedies, tragedies, climatic drama, and took the outdoor amphitheater and made many improvements to its structure.

Web. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... However, in some cases, the chorus Composed of similarly costumed men, they performed on the dancing floor ( orchestra ) , located beneath or in front of the stage. Although the historical origins of Greek drama are unclear it may be said it had relevance to religion, art and to the love of expression and perceptive storytelling in general. The history of the Greek Chorus can be traced back to a relatively small time period; from the original Dithyrambs, to Thespis' small, but revolutionizing changes to the system, to Aeschylus' triple entente of tragedies The Oresteia, which included the infamous Agamemnon.

The chorus in each play represents the people who feel under-represented and disrespected, by the society's changing values.

The chorus was the central feature of Greek drama.

It was a bad thing for a woman to have more than one male partner, however, because women were allowed very little rights. Greek Theatre.

In Mythology, Edith Hamilton exalts the works of Aeschylus, which heavily employ the chorus for context, saying “With Homer, they are the most important source for our knowledge of the myths.” (17) The chorus provides insight to classicists,Greek Theatre in 5th Century BCE

Asmilestones, and popular morality. by the writer and the chorus would then perform dance movements to compliment those lyrics. The charm, then, of some rumor, that made rich your hope?"

*Works Cited Not Included In The Eumenides, the chorus of Furies is frustrated with the younger gods and infringements on their power; in Agamemnon the chorus fears more the control of an effective woman in Clytemnestra rather than the leadership of fruitless Agamemnon.

Actors changed their appearance in the The masks also offered many other functions within Greek Theatre.

As the performances often took place in large open air theatres, masks would include over-exaggerated features to allow audiences further away to see what feeling was being expressed by the chorus (which would usually be the over-arching tone of the play). In turn, this produces either images of the elderly singing offkey hymns on a Sunday, or memories of middle school choir with altos trying to be sopranos, and basses whose voices haven’t dropped just yet.

And while Agamemnon hasn't really been true to his wife, it really wasn't considered a bad thing for a man to have more than one partner in those times…if anything, it was applauded by all but the original partner(s) of the promiscuous man and some of the more snobbish common women.

In today's day and "Yet how can I be certain? All work and other activities in the City of Dionysia would come to a halt for a week so that the festivities could take place. 21st March 2014.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Function of Chorus in Greek Drama.

2010. When studyingof poetry, because dialogue was spoken or sung in verses. The festival of Dionysus paved the way for plays and performances throughout history. The Great Dionysia was an important yearly religious celebration and festival, honoring Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fertility. She has been featured by NPR and National Geographic for her ancient history expertise. A core feature of the chorus in Greek Theatre is the ability to move as one distinct unit. This notion can be seen in Eumenides where a democratic judicial system is portrayed in a way to make the Greek Audience (made up of men of power) to accept a new system of justice.Anonymous.

They are now the Greek chorus for that play. Some plays survived on their merits, while others were preserved from academic interest or by accident (Peter Arnott). Greek theater can be considered to be one of the building blocks for our theater today.