Stewart then moved to Okeh Records and recorded "Billy's Heartache", backed by the Marquees, another D.C. area group which featured Marvin Gaye.
Sidney is able to gain an advantage against Billy and Stu, temporarily adopting the Ghostface persona herself to taunt them … Jill represented about 3/4 reference of Billy and 1/4 of Sidney while Charlie represented about 1/4 of his reference to Billy. We can also see that Billy dropped the phone when he hugged Sidney.He was killed by Billy. Billy was blissfully unaware.

(Well, technically that was a lie as he had killed Maureen - hence my comment above - but they weren't asking about that case but about Casey and Steve.) Sidney, very emotional because of what Billy says, walks away. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 6 guestsSarah darling is definitively the killer in scream 3.Great info! Hank defends his son saying, "Check the phone bill for Christ's sake!" Roman suggested that Billy kill Maureen, and gave him some pointers, such as getting an accomplice to sell out if he is caught.

Why did his girlfriend say that he was with her all night the night before then? Background. Billy Loomis is the main antagonist of Scream and was a horror film fanatic, who pressured his best friend, Stu Macher, into helping commit a killing spree in Woodsboro out of anger for his parents' separation caused by Maureen Prescott. She became completely … Charlie referenced a part of Billy by being repressed in his Love towards Kirby (the new version Sidney). In revenge, Billy and Stu killed Maureen, framed Cotton Weary and 1 year later attacked Sidney, and he and Stu are ultimately defeated by Sidney and her friends.. Debbie is stricken with grief after she heard about her son's death. Kevin Williamson was the one who confirmed it was Stu.

Casey and Steve: Billy and Stu were both there, Billy was the caller and Stu was the attacker. Casey Becker Stabbed in the throat, another 5 times all over her body, then gutted and hung from a tree Ghostface (Stu Macher) 4. Steven Orth Gutted while tied up in a chair Ghostface (Billy Loomis) 3. I'm fairly certain that Mathew Lillard's character was the primary killer, especially for the deaths that occur at the house at the end since Skeet Ulrich's character was fake murdered and was on the bed upstairs during most of the carnage. Anybody can ask a question

Start here for a quick overview of the site Hank was secretly in a relationship with Maureen Prescott, the mother of Billy's girlfriend Sidney.

While she dies before the start of Scream, she is an integral part of the series' back story. Billy then hears noises and opens up a door, to see that Sidney has tricked him by playing Sidney remembered conversations with Billy when she visited her bedroom set for Billy was referenced in the fourth installment a few times. Jill has represented a hybrid of Billy and Sidney; by gestures, similar female versions of his apparel, reciprocated and similar actions, repressed anguish, wicked sense of humor and love of horror movies, and killer instinct. He is one of the victims in the opening sequence. Stu Macher was played by Matthew Lillard. Instead, with them being female cousins, Sidney and Jill share a tender family moment, but Sidney is left with a gut feeling of familiarity as she sensed a familiar energy. Before the party, it is unknown whether it is Billy or Stu stalking Sidney and Tatum when they are talking on the porch and later shopping at a convenient store. One day, Sidney's half-brother, Roman Bridger, approached Billy and showed him videos of Hank and Maureen, along with other men. She runs to the girls bathroom, where Billy attacks her in the restroom (the killer wore the exact same colored pants Billy wore and he wanted to know Sidney's weaknesses), but it could be a prank. Sidney manages to kill Billy by shooting him in the head. Stu must've killed them both when Billy signaled him.

His character is also unique, because he was deliberately played up very strongly as a possible killer while the red herring, Billy pretending to comfort Sidney after being released from jail.A year after Maureen's murder, Billy and Stu killed Sidney, fleeing from insensitive classmates, is surprised when she runs right into Billy.
Another reciprocated reference was the chase in Kirby's house, where both Jill and Sidney run upstairs to Kirby's room.

This brings on the bonding scene between Sidney and Jill, much like when Billy and Sidney made up and Sidney lost her virginity to Billy, but reciprocated. There are a total of nine characters from the first two Scream movies that reprised their characters for this film. Billy's mother was Debbie Loomis and his father was Hank Loomis. She says no, but he claims she isn't the same as she used to be since her mother died. A year after Maureen's murder, Billy and Stu killed Casey Becker and Steven Orth. When Sidney comforts Jill concerning Olivia, Jill doesn't seem as bothered as she is a female "Billy". Therefore, I believe they did the doible-murder so that Billy didn't have to lie. Billy answered that he was watching TV, then got bored and decided to go out for a ride. @steelershark No. unaware that Billy left the house. Jill and Kirby survive. I think it makes sense to assume that he was the killer in all the other deaths as well. This time, SIdney tells Jill to hide UNDER the bed and pretends she is running to get help as she flees. Billy was blissfully unaware. In the Convenient store, Sidney and Tatum hold a conversation about Billy and finally giving it up. Although she sees it's him, she is not comforted and pushes him away. The pair also admit to having murdered Sidney's mother, Maureen Prescott, one year previously, after she had an affair with Billy's father, causing Billy's mother to "abandon" him. Billy Loomis / William Loomis: Scream 1.