Height Hunk Voltron. Ally with us or else.” Would that be conquering if some races accepted it and actually liked living under Galra rule?Is there a place in that hierarchy for allies to the Galra Empire? In the series Allura is able to speak with the Space Mice that slept in her cryo-pod. Ladies love sharks, right? Easily the friendliest and kindest of the team, Hunk is often the voice of restraint and caution of the five Paladins and despite his immense strength has a hard time engaging in fights due to his gentle nature.
"It's pretty fascinating, really. This indicates a high acumen for xenobiology and chemistry as well as his skills as an astromechanical engineer. Lance wanting to talk with a goddamn shark. Shiro really just needs someone to talk to who isn’t on the team.Pidge wants to communicate with an owl. Hunk's hair is cut rather short, his bangs reaching just under his eyes, while the rest of his hair barely reaches his neck. Let this guy start his own cooking show. Uploaded by xxx. "Actually, it's 10,600 years old. His size makes him a formidable opponent and capable of wielding his Bayard; a formidable hand-held cannon. He eventually retires … Her eyes fall on Nina. Shamus Kelley has been a TV writer since 2009 when he created, wrote, and executive produced the 21 JSR series which SYFY Wire called “fantastic” and… It shows the people make the series do pay attention and are willing to give little winks to the audience when appropriate. "You though.... you know. Hunk retained a level headed demeanor and kept the paladins grounded. Its fairly clear Shiro is the oldest and Pidge is the youngest but it was tough to get a read on the others. For all of you out there who want to figure out what each of the Paladin’s horoscopes are, Shiro was born on Febtuary 29Do those dates line up to what the traits of what their astrological signs would be? images are not mine unless i tag them as mine.Photographer Alejandro Guijarro’s series, Momentum, is a collection of images that show the post-lecture blackboards at leading quantum mechanics research institutions.M O O N V E IN S 1 0 1 #vhs #aesthetic #blur #bridge #jump #sunset“MEMORIES - SHAWN MENDES; LOCKSCREENS by baelockscreens. This could be a whole article itself so I’ll stop there for now. Kolivan is the leader of the Galra rebel faction called the Blade of Marmora who strives to end Zarkon's rule of the Galra Empire by operating in secret and infiltrating the Empire's ranks. Now all we need is “Space Dad” simulator game and we’re set.While the book knowingly doesn’t reveal Keith’s actual heritage, just that he’s part human, part Galra, we do learn about the other human’s backgrounds.Shiro is Japanese, Pidge is Italian, Lance is Cuban, and Hunk is Samoan. While it was blatantly obvious this was a diverse team it’s great to get confirmation of exactly what groups of people the Paladins are representing. It's where your interests connect you with your people.3,952 Likes, 23 Comments - White Market USA (@shop.whitemarket) on Instagram: “Have a blessed Monday . See more ideas about Aesthetic, Hunk voltron, Yellow aesthetic. Now is the perfect time to panic!" "Hunk, you big, gassy genius!" This is so obviously not canon but the ideas it suggests are too good to ignore. The Voltron: Legendary Defender series finale put controversy and fan outrage behind it as it ended the stories of Shiro, Lance, Allura, Hunk, Pidge. Well, not always anyway.

See more ideas about Hunk voltron, Voltron, Yellow aesthetic. Hunk is also able to quickly assess the capabilities of any machine he comes across, which is likely how he was able to instantly comprehend his Lion's strengths and weaknesses, such as its relatively low speed, but incredibly durable levels of armor and defensive power and use as a ramming weapon. Hunk takes immense pride in his cooking skills and is often annoyed or peeved when someone criticizes his work. Hunk pulled out a sheet of paper, only for Keith to rip it out of his hands and hold it up to the corkboard. In his own words, “Stress can do some pretty terrible things.”I think Shiro is struggling with something a bit more debilitating than stress, that’s for sure. This castle has a particle barrier we can activate." She is the only incarnation of Pidge to be female. Job: (Flyer).

It's where your interests connect you with your people.soothing aesthetic pictures w/ a color theme. Hunk is the team’s mechanic and he’s a naturally good-hearted guy who is quick to laugh at himself.

Hunk is tall, burly and heavyset, with a square jaw and dark brown hair. May 22, 2018 - // Yellow Paladin // aesthetic. So what this is ACTUALLY asking is, “what animal do you want to have a telepathic connection with?” Now let’s look at the answers with that in mind.Shiro wants to talk with a cat.