Walkthrough and step on the platform inside to get this Skill Point.Similar to the pink tulip Skill Point, this objective is going to require you to traverse to a special area and destroy an object.

They are hidden achievements that you can get if you perform difficult tasks through the levels. When I Get To Heaven (Lyric Video) - Duration: 3:57.

Spyro, with his friend Sparx the Dragonfly, is the only Dragon left who can traverse the six Homeworlds, free the Dragons and save the day!

To lower it, hold down the Charge Attack button for precision aiming and place the cross on the red Panic Button on the other side. As you continue to earn each point, you’ll notice a lot have the same requirement but simply take place in different areas.We have broken each game into sections, detailing everything you need to know about how to get all Skill Points the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.For this Skill Point, all you have to do is glide from a hilltop on Artisans and land on it. He speaks in the third person point-of-view, most likely because he either wants to be modest about his achievements, or to act as someone who sees him as a hero or idol. Collect the two Green Gems and the Red Gem nearby, then face the archway with the forcefield. Agent 9 in Moneybag's place - Jan 2, 04 All Spyro Forums Neoseeker Forums » Gameboy Advance » Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs » the agent 9 air vent in moneybags mansion

Enter Sniper Mode and look above the archway to spot a Balloon Vase. After you’ve cleared the first three areas, head back to the first room, look up, and shoot the red box.
Use precision aiming to hit them with the bombs from a safe distance, then pick up their Purple Gems.

Agent 9's Lab: Blow up all palm trees (20) The above list was compiled by Happopo, Holly V., Glenn, John, Rod, Connie, Steve, Jake, Ericka, me and my wife. No fair hiding!"

The Portal to Agent 9’s Lab can be found up the left-hand bridge from the Rocket room. —Agent 9.

An alternative to accessing this level is to defeat the Sorceress first!

After the Sorceress's defeat, Spyro visited the Professor and Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He also single-handedly cleared out a Agent 9 is also able to throw bombs from a bomb dispensing machine. In the open area, you’ll need to shoot down all seven targets by shooting with the Flame Attack button, as well as the very real Laser Rhynoc who drops a Gold Gem when defeated. All rights reserved.

In his reignited form, his outfit now has sleeves and a "No Rhynoc" picture. That’s all the Gems in the level! Not points this time, but time. Below you will find the Walkthrough of this level.

Simply charge each one instead of burning them, which is indicated by their horns getting stuck in the ground.Peace Keepers Homeworld has plenty of Gnorcs soldiers laced throughout it. This process was arduous, as the Rhynocs had taken control of almost everything, and clogged the Professor's machines with birds. After you free Agent 9, play his level and use the bombs to take out all of the palm trees in the area. He has an incredible disdain for Agent 9 is incredibly smart and has incredible marksmanship.

Go to the high area above it and fly over to it, landing on top of it in the process.Hurricos features small windmill Spyro can destroy, netting him a Skill Point if he gets them all.Find and destroy the seaweed you passed earlier in the level right after you gain the superflame power-up.Near the end of the Skelos Badlands, you’ll come across an area that lets you use a rocket. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro 3 Releasing Agent 9 XlSwashylX. Cross the bridge and turn left just behind it.