how to fix this??? Telegram uses this permission only to confirm receipt of the confirmation call by verifying the number in the call log. You need to visit to get to the pageOn the Login issues page, you’ll get a form to fill, in which you need to enter your Twitter username of your locked account and want to unlock account without phone number.You need to provide the email address that was registered with your Twitter account or any other email of yours. TG-Tracker™ is far better. In theory, a sufficiently motivated government or law enforcement agency will have the resources to defeat your attempt at ultimate anonymity. Loading data from a server... In case of TG-Tracker™, a virtual emulator plays the role of such new device. Useful to keep the temporary sim in case you need to get an SMS back on that number one day. This measure is in place so that spam can be kept to a minimum...Easiest way is to buy a $5 sim card from a supermarket (for example) and use that number to activate Telegram.Thanks maybe I'll do that, but what if I get the number of someone else who doesn't use his number for this kind of apps, he will see my conversations?What about Telegram Bots?

If you don’t do this, someone can access your account from the number on the “burn” site.Also, if someone get access to the number, he can request the deletion of the account in 7 days. But it does not always give a positive result. Or just burn it.There is no other way to create and verify an account without using phone numberWhen you say “phone number” are you talking about a mobile phone number or a stationary phone number? I’ve combed all of Twitter’s “support/help” topics, articles, blogs, posts, etc. To restore a Telegram account, you can try using a standard recovery procedure. Some of the numbers provided fail but if you persevere and keep trying, one should work.It may take a little trial and error to find one that works. Twitter sends an OTP to your phone number to verify that you’re the real person.

?It’s not working, sent several tickets but the same bot generated response. Textita. The software is compatible with devices based on the following platforms:

Navigate to Google Voice and register or select a phone number. I can’t use his phone number because it’s registered with a separate Twitter account. It should be noted that the number of sessions is not limited, so you can restore several accounts simultaneously. Get back to the browser and the telegram account password will be displayed.

Cookies Twitter is an app/site that I use to stay in contact with certain friends of mine, & I can’t even do that anymore. After waiting a small period of time for my issue to be resolved (1-3 days, usually), I’ll send in another ticket, request, or appeal & get either of these results: 1.) Retrieve the code from your Google Voice window and type it into Telegram. If they can't enter your password successfully, they can do a reset which deletes all your account data, and then they start anew with your old number. I dont want to provide my phone number at all (dont trust it) so how do you just provide a username. This email will be used for verification process.You’ll need to explain the whole scenario, about what you did and how your account got locked. Access to the Following Categories of Data: If you found this article helpful then please share it with all your friends and followers on social media. Recover your password. The phone number requirement is designed to prevent bots and automated account creation.When you register for a Telegram account, you have to give a number and either receive a voice call at that number or receive an SMS text message at that number. With a temp phone number from Textita you are protecting your real phone number and online privacy. your email.

If yes, would you kindly give step by step direction as you have done about telegram. The said number isn’t available. If you have not set a recovery email for your account, there is no way you can get your account back without reseting.

You don’t have to share your phone number to connect with people on Telegram, which is a great feature to have these days. This is a software tool for hacking Telegram remotely. Then it’s just a case of watching incoming messages for the verification and adding that to your Telegram account on your phone.The reality is that avoiding your phone number isn’t the only potential way to associate you with your Telegram account.Another potential weakness in your anonymity is the fact that your device’s unique MAC address is also stored in at least a couple of places along the network backbone. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of getting a Telegram account without having to give the service your actual phone number.Unfortunately, you cannot circumvent account verification in Telegram. Our technical department is available 24/7 and promptly responds to requests. Join over 260,000 subscribers!You forgot to say that one of the best features of Telegram is that you can simply hide your phone number, real or not, creating an username.How ?

Since TG-Tracker™ was developed based on advanced digital technologies, it's currently the best tool for Telegram recovery. This is a software tool for hacking Telegram remotely. If you’re traveling internationally you can use this feature on wifi only to avoid charges. I can’t even remember how long. Register that number with Telegram and wait for the confirmation code to be delivered. But a fool is quick to point out others failures.My personal twitter account created 2008 with SMS-verification active.I contacted the support to disable my 2step verification, didn’t get any reply.So they didn’t reply my message, but they solved the problem.Hi.