I did all the echos, the beat dropping out, and coming back in. Hiphop is beautiful.“A young buck selling drugs and such, who never had much, tryin to get a clutch on what I could not touch,I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times sideBut it was just a dream for the teen who was a fiendAnd runnin' up in gates and doin' hits for high stakesIt's been twenty-two long hard years, I'm still strugglin'And stay awake to the ways of the world 'cause shit is deepA young buck sellin' drugs and such, who never had muchThe court played me short, now I face incarcerationBut I'm still depressed, and I ask: what's it worth?But shorty's runnin' wild, smokin' sess, drinkin' beer

What are we going to call the flavors?’ He says, ‘Chocolate Deluxe, Butter Pecan Rican.’I’m listening to him, and as I’m listening, I’m writing them down, and I’m writing the hook. Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched.

But I crawled through that shit and came out smelling like a rose. Ice cold bitches melt down when in the clutch

RZA was good with that, you couldn’t get a tape from him. So a lot of shit just dropped into place with him.When he did my album he had clarity. Ice cold bitches melt down when my clutch and want they titties sucked, ice cream.

I could have said any fucking flavors I wanted to say, but those right there were the ones that RZA gave me. He took the reel home with him every day.That was back in the days when I would even work the board.

It was his vision, I just brought it to life.I didn’t even know Cappadona was on it.

It’s funny ‘cause, I loved the beat. That’s crazy, right?

It was like it was training.

and your wigs tight, word up. I just don’t do it often because I’m lazy.

I was never mad at it being on Cuban Linx. I didn’t hear the finished product until after the album was done. Lyrics: What that nigga want, God? / Word up, look out for the cops though / Wu-Tang five finger shit / Cash rules- / Word up, two for fives over here, baby / Word up, two for fives masterbate in your clutches, I want you for self.

And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up. When I tell you everybody fought with me, even Ghost was like, ‘Nah G, this is it.’ And I was like, ‘Nah, it’s too soft. I just put it together the way I liked it.What GZA and Raekwon’s albums had that my album didn’t have was True Master. I reminded Rae and Deck of their verses—their verses were long. We compare chicks to ice cream, and we can make t-shirts and all that shit with different flavors on them.’ I’m like, ‘I’m hip. So when you did it that night, you were trying to listen to it as many times as possible, because after that you weren’t hearing nothing else.
Sometimes when we did verses, they just dropped into place and we left them as is. French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe. And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up.

RZA produced every track on my first album.
Yeah, your guts. Ol’ Dirty Bastard had the same shit. That’s the way I took it. The only thing I didn’t like about the record, I felt like it was too soft for Cuban Linx.

One love to my chocolate deluxes, keep your nails done. The song features Method Man in the intro, chorus and outro, Ghostface Killah in the first verse, and Cappadonna in the third, though none of them are officially credited on the single. It was eventually played inside ice cream parlors, and then ice cream trucks too. I put that together. take pulls off the dutches, orgasm in my mindstate. It was like, ‘Okay, this is how it’s done.’I had to work a little bit harder than everybody else because you know that the [volume on my] album sounds low. I was supposed to go in a whole different direction.

I’m sitting there and RZA gave me an idea. I just wanted a hard album. The Wu-Tang Clan leader [RZA] partnered up with Good Humor to come up with the hot new track as a family friendly alternative to “Turkey in the Straw” Ice Cream He wouldn’t let you take shit with you. "Ice Cream", released in 1995, is the third solo single by Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon, from his debut studio album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (1995). like a cripple, I love you like I love my dick size. Mind you, I didn’t sample any of the music. They want they titties sucked, ice cream.

Ice cold bitches melt down when in the clutch.