So by your standards all police around the world are incapable. It's lacking content in terms of a deeper insight into the world of teenagers/ young adults who use and the long-term effects of meth addiction. There is no talk therapy. But yeah.. i am disabled AND I work for a living. Ongoing and former drug addicts look upon the destructive characteristics of crystal meth. I realized that my life was a cloud of opium-induced pain-avoidance and i flushed them. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I learnt one thing, a life of vices/sin can only reproduce more vices/sin e.g. "When I tried to hang myself in my mom's shed," he replies.

It's spelled, and pronounced, LEARNED not learnt. But in some very lucky corners of the world, we have options available to us that most of the planet can only dream of. They want your money and, especially in the USA, addiction is a business for them and they are TOLD to get injured patients addicted to whatever they can. Documentary examining the impact heroin has had on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, following the stories of eight people who are all in their twenties as they battle with their addiction. I would have to turn myself inside out to prove that i was unable to work. They are selfish individuals who don't care about their families and society.

At 15 years old, he was an ice dealer, a user and a crystal meth cook. Combined, there are more than You should sign up for our newsletter. Not that I'm judging, but what kind of workplace is that where 9 our of 10 people are meth users?i'm guessing a callcentre or something similarly soul destroying.I am guessing truck drivers, ups, fedex, somewhere in that kind of work.

A gentleman drunk which means he only drank the best alcohol and held a steady and good job but a drunk nonetheless. This documentary looks at meth addiction in rural America from the perspective of dealers, users and law enforcement.

And it's got no natural properties in it, it's all horrible stuff like battery acid and drain cleaner and other yucky things. Documentary following three families each coping with a child affected by serious emotional or mental illness. It has many nicknames— meth, crank, chalk or speed being the most common. Was she really the reckless drunk, or the perfect suburban mother? The chemicals swirl around the teeth again and again. In my experience, at the root of every person who struggles with an ice addiction is hurt. It's really that simple.meth doesn't destroy lives used in moderation there are no side effects or even addiction. This is because they don't sleep much...anywhere.Yes, smoking meth is mostly where the tooth decay comes from. now abusing the stuff is where the problem is ...Ýou can't stop people using drugs. They both exist in tandem.this was meant to be a reply to the first thing i wrote.. i moved it into a reply section. Ratings: 8.36 / 10 from 156 users. Addiction produces a sense of short-term sociopathy in most cases. And no matter how hard you want it to stop, in many cases it will only get worse with time. Because i was seeking a life of no pain. [HBO] HD. It could happen who knows? Speed. Your critics are just convicted of the same sins you justly reproved in others. This makes me angry in a way that few things in life bother me. This documentary looks at meth addiction in rural America from the perspective of dealers, users and law enforcement. vulgar language, drinking, smoking, fornication, illegitimate children, not holding a job, committing crimes, filthy homes etc. It can, if you're not careful, make you selfish, bitter and destructive. yes. Monday 20th October, 2014. 8.36. Newsweek, “The Meth Epidemic: Inside America’s New Drug Crisis,” 8 August 2005 State of Hawaii, Office of Lt. But then i am confronted by people who, let's be brutally honest here, choose not to work.

It shows their heroin life stories. Upper body shakes from spasms caused by nerve damage etc..)The doctors pumped me full of painkillers. Just another keyboard warrior.Good doc. Methamphetamine has medical uses as well as the potential to cause addiction.

Yet in my city a drug addict pretty much instantly qualifies. It causes you to think and do things you'd never normally have considered thinking or doing.

Way to go!oops @ ryan s was supposed to be @ audiophile. These are not mutually exclusive truths. And spent the next YEAR learning not only how to manage my disability (internal martial arts, acupuncture, water therapy and stretching - eastern medicine is the ONLY thing that can treat chronic, non-terminal pain - and i am pleased to say i am not only pain free but also a pretty serious martial arts student now - and i have my Sifu to thank for most of my recovery) but learning how to get free of a drug that truly does stop ALL KINDS of pain and is blindingly addictive.I have something that i reckon you do not when it comes to this subject.

Addiction tears at the fabric of our society, and there are no easy fixes. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

What are they doing about it?um yeah... this guys is tripping this drug is by no means cheap. You will be manipulated and fooled and humiliated and harmed over and over again by addicts.