XboxOne Just be prepared to die and restart a lot.

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A Total War Saga: TROY


There’s fast paced combat, an ‘arcade-y’ feel to the …

There’s a lot of care in its room design, the enemies all have their own distinct style making it easy to identify the most threatening one in any situation, the action is fast and powerful and the whole game looks fantastic.

Take the brisk movement, combat and diverse loadouts of Ziggurat, combine it with the money-based persistent progression of Rogue Legacy, and sprinkle it with the bizarre sensibilities of Serious Sam and you have a recipe for a pretty good time. CremaGames, Crema Games It’s a long way to the top and each floor is more concentrated than the last, but there’s plenty of great shooting on the way to the boss fight at the apex. To put things into perspective, Immortal Redneck is a FPS adventure with heavy rogue-like elements. Music Fast & Furious Crossroads

TV Then there are still two more pyramids to fight through, because if there’s one thing an immortal redneck loves, it’s when the shooting gets completely out of hand.

The Last of Us Part II Immortal Redneck is a fast paced FPS that has a lot of enjoyable aspects and replay value.


The Other One: Season 1

With over 50 weapons to choose from, there is no lack of fun and exciting firepower at your disposal. XboxOne

You'll like it if you love roguelike style games. This is one of the few games I regret buying. Mixed or average reviews

Overall Immortal Redneck is fun to play. Lovecraft Country: Season 1 Reports The biggest problem I had with the game was the scroll system, repetitive temples, and what felt like an unrewarding grind.

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3DS Overall, Immortal Redneck is well worth playing.

Despite not being perfect, its extended playable life and roguelike-FPS character set in such an original universe makes it a highly recommended game for your Nintendo Switch.

I turned off voice acting and subtitlesThere’s a passable rogue-lite underneath a bad concept, horrible graphics and painful voice acting.


Lovecraft Country: Season 1 When I first saw the phrase Immortal Redneck I laughed out loud. WiiU