India Independence Day Messages: Express your patriotism with Independence Day wishes 2020.End your search for the most unique Indian Independence Day wishes in English and wonderful 74 Independence Day messages for employees, students, Indian Soldiers/Army, Friends and family right here.

[filter] => raw They have used this email to promote Father’s Day as well as Independence Day, merging both the messages smartly and successfully without confusing the viewer. This email is perfectly balanced – design and copy wise. ) They have multiple CTAs, the primary one placed under the hero image, and the secondary CTAs beside each product exhibit. (

[term_id] => 390 The link to their store-locator is embedded in the further part of the email. [count] => 42 [category_parent] => 0 )

[category_nicename] => email-marketing

[filter] => raw When one looks at this email, it conveys the purpose even without looking at the copy. Again, the CTA is not ‘single action-oriented’. The copy takes about ¾th space of the email design and the action-driven copy is highlighted, followed by the CTA. [term_group] => 0 The logo is established and they have maintained consistency in its placement.

Independence Day: Images, Cards, Greetings and …

When one looks at this email, it conveys the purpose even without looking at the copy. Independence day 2020 messages and quotes. [description] => Blogs featuring the most prominent and praiseworthy emails from different brands with a common theme

[category_description] => In this section, you will find some good posts on Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices. The hero image of the email exhibits Peach Market’s products and they have made sure to highlight the festivity. [cat_ID] => 390

The headline delivers the sole purpose of the email message.

Let us work together for the betterment of our country. [cat_ID] => 10 Explore the amazing 15 August Independence Day Wishes that are infused with love … They have used a smart concept in which they are offering a discount on all products in red, white, and blue colors, which depict the national colors of the USA. This is a well-balanced design to use for a promotional festive email.This email has successfully achieved two goals with one marketing spend. Independence Day SMS – Freedom is not free, it comes with a price. ( They have multiple links to their Men, Women and Sale pages and they have used the same CTA at the end of the email. As we go further down the email, they have also mentioned sale for the kids section. Instead of a single hero image, they have used a collage and have displayed their products smartly.
[category_nicename] => email-inspirations They have used the blue color, the American color for patriots, to give the email design a festive touch.First things first, the subject line is creative and humor has worked well for them. )

They have used the colors of the event, white, blue, and red to subtly incorporate the message.

Explore now! [category_count] => 42 The offer is explained in the sub-copy followed by a clear cut CTA, with a contrasting CTA background.