If you are running a mostly vanilla server, you may consider opting into this ruleset in order for your server to appear under the "official rules" filter. It's been a little while since I played with the insurgency server - check out this doc and see if you can figure it out. Your server To specify a list of mods your server is running you can add a text file in If you wish to specify a list of mods on the command line you may do this through specifying You may specify a map to travel to after mods are downloaded by specifying the Mutators (formerly rulesets) are packaged gameplay configuration assets which the game ships with. We suggest you try the

Anyone knows why?Hey there m8, little late I know. Together with "[DOL]Facknrite™" we have tested and tried everything possible, like setting the Linux permissions to 0777, which doesn't make sense, why should the config files need full permissions after the patch.All possible and impossible start parameter combinations were tested, x different config files were tested, the encodings of the files were checked.I also set up 2 new Linux servers to test it with a fresh operating system. Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue. Create and share custom maps, gamemodes and mutators for Insurgency: Sandstorm.Guide providing information into the basics of setting up your own game server and configuring it.Before installation, make sure you have installed the required prerequisites on your server.Like other games published on Steam, Insurgency: Sandstorm's server files are published through a command-line tool known as "SteamCMD". Pressing F1 will vote yes and pressing F2 will vote no.Does this issue require a minimum number of players to show their voting intentions before commencing the vote?Ratio of team required to vote yes for vote to pass.For the vote to succeed, yes must have this number of votes over no.How long voting an idle player will ban them for in seconds, -1 represents a kick only.How long a ban for any other reason will last in seconds.Hi. I recently started renting my own small pvp insurgency server and I have managed to set up the server cfg, sourcemod and some other stuff. This can be defined on the command line using the For example, a Skirmish only server's MapCycle.txt should look like the following:Additionally, you may define an entry with an override gamemode as some gamemodes can share scenarios. The command line should include the starting map, the scenario and any other launch parameters. For Push, the faction names represent the team you attack as. For example:This will set the map cycle entry to use Hideout (Town) at Night on the Checkpoint Security scenario. Groovy is the easiest way to play music in your server. Firefight for most maps will contain a West and an East layout.As of 1.7, Night scenarios are available. This GUI-less Steam client allows you to install and update the server's files fairly easily.You can download SteamCMD from the following links:You can read more about SteamCMD and how to use it here: Most commands through SteamCMD require knowledge of the "app ID", for Insurgency: Sandstorm its server files use the app ID Once installed, you may launch the server from the "InsurgencyServer" executable located in the root directory of where you installed the server.

Adding new admins will require a server restart or level change for any changes to be reflected in-game. The only requirements is that you must use a Steam GSLT and you must not have a password.In order for your server to be able to authenticate with the stats server, you must authenticate your server through using a Steam GSLT (Game Server Login Token). 3 for both. So turns out the configs above are supposed to be added to the game.ini file.I tried to use mods but nothing is working. 2 to store in AnimState.log.

!For me this means that a Windows server does not need this command line entry, but a Linux server does.If this is the right solution, then such an information from NWI would be worth its weight in gold and would have saved me hours of troubleshooting.In the server guides you will only find the hint: you can... but you don't have to...No comment were found matching the criteria specified. When additional vote issues are available, you would add a new line below for each issue you want to enable.When voting is enabled, players can press Esc and click "Call Vote" to vote for a vote issue. Aliases: dc, leave, reset . For example, in order to have Hardcore Checkpoint Security on Hideout you would enter the following:For Checkpoint scenarios "Insurgents" and "Security" refer to the faction you play as. This can be enabled by entering the following into Game.ini:This will enable voting and include the vote kick issue, which as of now is the only supported voting issue. INSFirefightGameMode] Checkpoint: [/Script/Insurgency. 0 = never, 1 = every round, 2 = every other round, etc.Should player classes enforce their minimum level requirements?How long a round is extended for each successful capture.Percentage of attacker team that has to be dead to trigger a reinforcement wave.Percentage of defending team that has to be dead to trigger a reinforcement wave.Delay for the last defender spawn zone to be disabled.Number of bonus waves to get when an objective is taken while the team cache is still intact.Firefight [/Script/Insurgency.INSFirefightGameMode]Checkpoint [/Script/Insurgency.INSCheckpointGameMode]Time to defend against counter attack with small player team.Extend duration of counter-attack by this on the final point.Time to force bots to retreat after a counter-attack.

In your server's Now you have entered your authentication token, your server is ready to start accepting mods. DefendTimer.

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Following the GSLT login steps above, also add The game ships with a ruleset which are considered "official rules", this locks down the options you can change on your dedicated server. On coop servers, this is only the number of human players.Set the name of the server as it appears on the server browser (replacing My Server with the name of your choice).The UDP port that game connections are made to (replace xxxx with port number).The port that Steam runs server queries on (replace xxxx with port number).Most server configuration is performed through INI files and launch parameters. You should make sure that this parameter is specified for the correct voting image to show. Now the mods are being loaded and everything is working fine. *boring* :( Any ways heres the commands bot_enable 1 bot_add_t1 bot_add_t2 and i cant find a command that makes them fire.