Hours: Tues – Thurs: 10 AM – 12 AM Friday & Sat: 10 AM – 1 AM - Restaurants I nodded no and another person in my party said yes.I don't get the appeal of this place. A few friends and I came by a little before 10pm and were greeted by the sweet smell of desserts! The pastry chef can't even make a simple special cake for birthdays!

I've been craving banana cream pie, but unfortunately they didn't have any. While we were eating, someone that was standing in the very long line passing along asked if it was worth it. The closest thing they had to satisfy my craving was a slice of Banana Cake (~$7).I've heard so much about Rick's but never actually got to try it out. - Wholesale Bakeries I should've gone with a six layer instead of a 3 layer for that price.This dessert diner is very spacious and has plenty of seating inside and on the patio. I will say that the service (once you get seated) is very fast and the people who work there seem friendly. - Restaurants Whenever I'm in the area I'll stop by to eat their cakes or take them to go. Enter Rick's Dessert Diner! - Dessert Restaurants

I'm very impressed. Simply call our bakery 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure that we have your order ready when you want it. I'm not sure if management has read my reviews or they've just started hiring nicer people, but the issues I've had have all been rectified. Sorry for the lack of photos.I recently ordered a cake for a friend's birthday and paid in advance. They never look happy to be there, they don't greet anyone what so ever.

This is what…""tower mart is great. When I got there I added a juice and didn't…" Cake, Pie, Ice Cream? Rick's dessert diner has such a grungy classic diner feel, with pink and white tiled floors, fluorescent lights, and cozy booths. I also had their banana split and that was so yummy as well!If you like dessert, this is the place. The first place that came to mind was this place as I'd been here before some 10 years prior with one of my girlfriends. Their BBQ pork buns have quickly become a favorite among my co-workers and I. I ordered 25 of them for only $56.25! It was a bit of a trek from my hotel to this place but I heard nothing but great things.Here is the best cake dessert place I've ever been to, Rick's Dessert Diner. My husband order the Carmel shake and that was better but it was Gunther's ice cream so that's pretty hard to mess up. If you want to really enjoy your just desserts, Rick's Dessert Diner is your go to spot.

We ended up getting a slice of the espresso chocolate cake to share and I got a cream puff for another friend. It can get pretty busy on weekends and especially evenings.

There's definitely something for everyone there, and I'd be curious to one day try one of their ice cream sundays to change it up from the cake.Rick's red velvet cake has been my all time favorite dessert for 10+ years now. Yet all their cakes are not too sweet (in a positive sense). Whether you crave a full breakfast or a hot and hearty lunch, nothing beats Rick’s. Pies, cheesecake, pastries, cookies are dessert options. I ordered a slice of the chocolate fudge cake which had the price tag of $6.50. - American Restaurants Rick’s Dessert Diner has hundreds of varieties of European and American desserts, all made fresh daily from “scratch.” Voted Best of Sacramento for Dessert every year since 1986, Rick’s makes custom cakes for all occasions from birthdays and showers to weddings and anniversaries. Maybe, but Costco's cake last a whole day still feeling super light and moist. ), but the last three visits have been way too expensive for way too little cake.

We finished the cake and there was so much frosting leftover. I've had ice cream here. But then continues to make snarky remarks about how tired they were and wanting to go home. 1. they usually have some of the cheapest gas in the parts of…" We were harassed for telling him we had a wrong order. Crowds often pop up, so be prepared if the line goes out the door. Ice cream anything you want! I'm originally from the Bay Area so when I have friends & family come visit me, I take them to this cute little 1950's themed diner.

$6.95 Slice $46.95 Whole. It can get busy during certain times, but it does give you some time to decide on your dessert.I've only been here once, so this could be a one-time occurrence, but we ordered the thick chocolate cake and it was really dry. Maybe that last star will be added once I try a few more things.
Picking which item to get is the hardest part.Life is short, so eat dessert first. Super cute interior feel of an old-fashioned diner as soon as you walk in. We also took a piece of the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake to-go. I've been to Rick's a few times -- usually as a nightcap to the midtown bar scene.
The girl working was a Bitch. - Bakeries - Wedding Cakes & PastriesWhat are you craving? It's worth it!I can't believe it's been a year since I've been to Rick's! On a recent visit to Rick's, I noticed that they now offer a few gluten free options! Is that why you came 5 minutes before closing?" Because of the man taking orders in the drive thru they're not only getting a 5 out of me but also a written review.…"Specializing in: