Similarly, if my last name was "Toothpaste", I would still suggest that cannot be considered to be a compound noun.

You wouldn't say "Cloud is both a common noun and a proper noun". Or maybe a better example is the question someone asked about why Deadpool isn't Dead Pool. John Blacksmith is probably not black, a smith, or a blacksmith (though some ancestor of his probably was). While "cloud" is a common noun, the fact that it is my name makes it a proper noun in this case. This is a SAMPLE of a larger product in my store, which is all about NOUNS with a superhero theme :) If you enjoy this product, you can check out the larger product here: Supernoun To The Rescue! A Proper Noun always begins with capital letter (unless it is a brand name like eBay or iPad). A PROPER NOUN is a VSHFLÀF PERSON, PLACE or THING. Nouns With Superheroes. Ergo I submit that "Batman" is only a proper noun, not a compound noun. ... Nouns with Superheroes.

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My name of "Cloud" is proper, not common. Always capitalize proper nouns. Singular Proper Abstract. Most definitions seem to include the idea that "each word makes up part of the meaning of the noun". Displaying all worksheets related to - Nouns With Superheroes. 1. Joey is a superhero.

Questions Wrong: Average Right: Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including (And I've never met anyone named Billybob. Even the Texas actor spells it Billy Bob Thornton. Just because you can divide a word into two other words doesn't make it compound.Thanks for contributing an answer to English Language Learners Stack Exchange! – JamieB Jul 20 '16 at 19:39 Well, the sobriquet of a superhero is hardly the same thing as a family name. That's his superhero name, not his actual name, but it's not a description of him or his powers.)

Ergo I submit that "Batman" is only a proper noun, not a compound noun.Well, the sobriquet of a superhero is hardly the same thing as a family name.That's effectively how it's used, though.

superhero, river, holiday, religion, month, day, city, composer, boy, car, language A Proper Noun names a very specific, very particular person, animal, place, thing, or idea. I don't think you can say that each part of someone's name makes up the meaning of their name. Nothing specific.
You cannot break apart my name to derive meaning about me and therefore my name cannot be a compound noun.So I would say the same for Batman, even though he actually is a man who has a proclivity towards bats. This {Freebie} includes 12 cards for children to practice determining if a noun is a common noun or a proper noun. If my name is "River Bush", this would not imply that I am a flowing body of water or a type of plant. Nouns and Superheroes Worksheet. Or being a name it remains only a proper noun?I would argue that proper nouns cannot, by definition, be thought of as compound nouns, even when they look like they are.If we look at a compound noun like "doorknob", we see that we can break it up into two separate nouns that each contribute meaning to the final word.

You can always use the search bar on the top if you know the coloring page name. Superheroes are usually (but not always) described by their name but it's still "just a name".

There's no benefit to classifying this.And maybe another way to think about it, imagine my last name was "Cloud". Nouns With Superheroes.
Nouns with Superheroes. Let's go to Mars! Plural Proper Abstract. The fact that it looks like it could be two names is irrelevant.I disagree, but the import of the question itself eludes me. It's a single name. You could similarly ask if any other number of superhero names are compound nouns. It shares the same letters with a commonly used compound noun but it's my name.