Mr. Prichard was married to his co-star on ‘Salvage Hunters’, Rebecca Pritchard.However, the couple ended in divorce in 2017.

44:59. ... Salvage Hunters actually began way back in 2012 and is enjoying its tenth season, as of 2018. You can visit Wikipedia to know more about All in all, Drew Pritchard has proved to the world that one man’s trash can literally be another man’s treasure as he has amassed both fame and wealth by dealing antiques, cars, and motorbikes.Get Blogo is a web magazine platform. As of 2020, his age is 49 years.Though he made himself a fortune, he has been unfortunate in his personal life. So that, our readers get benefited from this website. Salvage Hunters - The Restorer - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Duration: 44:59. The couple ended their marriage in 2017 but is still supportive of each other. Drew is a big believer of ‘quality’, and he maintains it in his collection as well. The show is still ongoing, and now Drew has the reins of it.Salvage Hunters follow Drew around when he is off to purchase antiques in fairs, manors, shops, etc., his haggles with the sellers over stocks, his return to his headquarter in Conwy with his purchase to show it to his team members, as well as restoring of the antiques, photographing the antiques, a quick look at the deal and the profit made after the sale.Born in 1970 in Conwy, Wales. Besides dealing in antiques, he had his 1958 featured in Octane magazine.His passion for cars and motorbikes led him to create DP Classics in 1987, and he runs it with Clive Holland, whose attention to detail, passion, and knowledge made him the perfect partner to run the business with. Not shy of controversy, Drew was involved in an incident in October 2016 and its subsequent court sessions. At present, Drew is busy with restoring multiple projects such as 52 Sunroof Volkswagen Beetle, ’67 911 Porche and Vespas.His gift for spotting a diamond in the rough is evident even in the story of how he started his business. Yes, he was. In fact, Drew has an international race license and stated that if he hadn’t been so successful as an antique dealer and restorer, he would have been a racing driver.Apart from furniture, painting, and other knick-knacks, he also has a gift of spotting amazing cars or motorbikes and selling them. The house, which was an 18For £795,000, anyone can be the owner of this house, which has Mick Jagger’s previously owned toilet, a wine cooler from the Roman times, a neon ‘curry’ sign, stained glass windows, etc. Drew discovered some William Morris stained glass windows, bought and restored them, and made a profit of £108,000, which enabled him to start his own business.Drew’s show ‘Salvage Hunters’ premiered in 2011 and is now in its 14 series.

He learns every day and says that he loves his profession very much and can’t imagine doing anything else.Drew’s passion for cars and  motorbikes is not limited to only restoring and selling them, but he loves driving them too. He has also put his house of 20 years up for sale. Located in the UK. Salvage Hunters was also available on Netflix for a short period. The actual reason for the divorce is unclear, but it is mentioned in several wiki websites that Drew’s extramarital affairs may have caused the couple to split. Mr Pritchard has not been arrested. Salvage Hunters is a British television programme in which decorative salvage dealer Drew Pritchard travels across the country in search of antiques from shops, fairs, old mansions, and then sells them online or in his shop. TV Salvage Hunters star Drew Pritchard (Image: Hadyn Iball). Drew Pritchard is best known for his show ‘Salvage Hunters’ in Quest TV. Whether you are a fan or a hater of Drew Pritchard, he has made himself a success in the world of antique dealings.According to Drew, no one can expect to succeed in antique dealership with any sort of education; rather he says that people who want to succeed in antique business should read, visit fairs, museums, and auctions, talk to people who deal with antique, read, read and read some more.One has to understand that just because something is dirty, looks ugly, or is falling apart does not mean it is of no value.