"Is there a problem Rowanclaw?" doggy grxyscale Follow. Because one day I'll find you, and then you"ll be crow-food. While I always expect to be nonplussed by these books, I am consistently surprised by the issues that they tackle. I also want to know who Pumpkin was and how he knew about healing herbs. If that’s the case, I’m going to be a little unhappy with the authors. Let him die. Had a lot of good memories from that place.
This stand-alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.Welcome back.

The middle (when Dovewing gave birth) I knew something was up with Spire and Shadowkit. I may have hated Dovewing for 80% of the book and forgot about her for 15% of the book, but in that 5%, I really enjoyed her and I'm glad she's joining Shadowclan! Looking back at it now, Tigerheart could only spit in disgust.

nice to see it's still in use.Does anyone else remember when for awhile it was called the Meowbox and later the SCREAMBOX I was surprised that at the beginning Dovewing was immediately expecting Tigerheart's kits, I was just expecting to see more meetings of them sneaking out to see each other, but I understand why the Erins made it like that. ".Dovewing stopped in her tracks and looked up. While I read this to my children (9 & 11) we had interesting and far-ranging conversations. This sounds like a fanfic a child would write about. I mean, I was so happy when I saw it was so long! Even if he did kill Redtail and tried to kill Bluestar later on...[He has an evil mentor and yes he is evil and he tried to kill Bluestar but crippled Cinderpaw instead. Dovewing also switched personalities way too fast.

Kill me now. But mostly humorous spoilers, so read at your own risk. Even though I knew Tigerheart wouldn’t die because I accidentally spoiled myself for his leadership ceremony, the journey back home after he was dropped by the hawk was one of my favorite parts of the book. I don't believe this was a terrible book, but it wasn't good.

I am so happy to have rediscovered this wonderful series. However, this is only near the beginning of the book. While Tigerheart's Shadow was a nice break from the main series, it is far from my favorite Super Edition. Lot’s of people forget these books were made for teens/tweens.
He was technically the deputy, and did earn lives, but it seemed boring.

I disliked it even more than I disliked Bluestar's prophecy. Full disclosure I haven't actually read all of the book YET but I will still review it so far! Hold it right there!

I love that he got to join StarClan even though he never actually made it to the Clans. He heard his …

Tigerheart also only cared about himself, even though the book was trying to play it off as if he was choosing Dovewing over everything. Spoilers ahead, I guess? Training with Dead Evil McGrandDaddystar. But then, nothing happens. Wiki User.

I NEED A BATH...SOME YOGURT...and a place to go DOODIE!I AM CATBUG! It stared up at him with fearful, wide, blue eyes. Something about forbidden love just really attracts me to it (Bluestar/Oakheart, Leafpool/Crowfeather, etc.

The rest is spent with the Guardian cats. I know she was angry that she had to make the journey alone, but she could be a bit more sympathetic towards ShadowClan and Tigerheart’s duty to his Clan as their deputy.

I need to pop in more after I get out of vacation. Like, Dovewing, and...no one else.)

I enjoy him more then Lionblaze now because he now has this book to push his personality. I will say that despite the things I disliked about this story, I am still extremely excited for the next book in the main arc to be released and I really hope we get some explanation of what happened while Tigerstar and Dovewing were gone.

When Dovewing was at the border, a patrol of warriors came by.