Germany subsequently pledged to provide face masks to Italy, but it was too late.

Under this initiative, China would use the lessons learned in its successful fight against the virus and share them with its partners around the world. As of March 14, Italy reported 24,747 cases and 1,809 deaths. These videos have Chinese subtitles and were probably made with a Chinese audience in mind. Italy is compared unfavorably to China in this respect.

In 2019, Iran’s inflation rate was 40 percent.

"Italy's latest move is certainly seen by many as undermining Europe's attempt to withstand, or compete with, China's economic might. As is customary between branches of the Red Cross in different countries, the Chinese Red Cross reciprocated for the help received from the Italian Red Cross only one month earlier, when Italy sent 18 tons of supplies to Wuhan. Nearly a year later, the first Wuhan coronavirus infection case in Italy was reported in the Lombardy region on Feb. 21.

Its currency, the rial, has lost 70 percent of its value to U.S. dollars. The call between Di Maio and Wang Yi concerned not the Red Cross donation, but the purchase by Italy of a large quantity of much-needed ventilators (artificial respiratory devices) for intensive care units. Given the secretive nature of the regime, many suspect the actual numbers of cases and deaths are much higher. At least eight countries that signed on the OBOR initiative are so indebted to the Chinese that they had to Italy’s economy has been struggling for two decades. Today, Italy is experiencing the worst coronavirus outbreak outside China, and Lombardy is the hardest-hit region in the country.
Beijing’s real objective is to leverage its newly gained financial power to greatly expand its geopolitical influence as well as its economic and military footing from Asia to Europe and Africa.While this initiative has worked out well for China’s strategic interests, it hasn’t done the same for participating countries. The help provided amid the coronavirus pandemic should help strengthen Sino-Italian relations and pave the ground for an appropriate celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations in November.Metro Manila is back in lockdown and the Philippines has overtaken Indonesia as the Southeast Asian country with the most COVID-19 cases.As North Korea doubles down on COVID-19 containment measures, local sources report several outbreaks.In Da Nang, residents broadly welcome the Vietnamese government's aggressive response to the shocking resurgence of COVID-19.Even before the outbreak in Da Nang, Hoi An’s people were devastated by the loss of tourists. This was sent by Chinese provinces including Zhejiang, which has a large immigrant community in Italy. China is leading the world in the number of confirmed cases and deaths.
Better connections for cheap raw materials from China - and the return of finished products from Italy - could exaggerate that practice.The agreements signed in Rome come amid questions over whether Chinese firm Huawei should be permitted to build essential communications networks - after the United States expressed concern they could help Beijing spy on the West.But a little over a week before the deal was due to be signed, the As President Xi toured Rome, EU leaders in Brussels considered their approach for relations with China. "With Italy pursuing its own deal with China regardless of its neighbors' concerns, China could be able to make the most of those divisions again.Got a confidential news tip? It is one of the world's top 10 largest economies - yet …

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has now swept through 126 countries, infected close to 170,000 people worldwide, and is responsible for more than 6,400 deaths as of March 15. One video even showed Italians singing China’s national anthem from their balconies (it was, however, a fake). "It's a really big coup for Xi Jinping and it will give him a foothold in the heart of Europe. We firmly remain in the Euro-Atlantic alliance and we remain allies of the United States in Nato," he added.There is, however, dissent within the Italian government. The regime had to introduce a ration to limit meat consumption last year. Initially, they protested to voice economic grievances about government corruption, but the protests quickly shifted to demands for fundamental political reform. Italy's bilateral deal with China also came a day after French President Emmanuel Macron called for a coordinated European approach to the superpower. No EU member state responded. It was an information and public diplomacy triumph for China — when Italy needed help, Europe dithered while the PRC was portrayed as Italy’s savior.