Jimmy and Heloise appear to be the only "humans" in Miseryville (no characters have mentioned this in the show). http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/JimmyTwoShoesThe titular character. Lucius extremely dislikes the weavils, (as Beezy also has a hate towards weavils, one thing he has in common with Lucius) especially their leader Reggie because he stole his stuffed rabbit named 'Coochie Long-Ears'. She lives in a white mansion and owns a pet dog named Jazmeen, whom Cerbee once fell in love with.Beezy's girlfriend, who is an orange-skinned, one-eyed creature with a wild personality. Her age is unclear; she is considerably smaller than Jimmy, but she is hyper-intelligent and has a job. Beezy uses his noxious garlic breath as his superpower. In season 2, Beezy new phase is He apparently runs some kind of business he calls 'Beezy Talent Agency'. Very much unlike his son, he delights in the suffering of his subjects and his own megalomania. He used to serve Lucius' father, Lucius Heinous VI, doing so for 87 years.Lucius's haughty, spoiled, and nigh-unpleasable girlfriend who is tall, blue and can change her noses. The Most Ridiculous Jimmy Two Shoes Episode Ever Jimmy, Heloise and Beezy manage to discovered a great secret about Lucius, they found a bunker where Lucius hides all the toys and funny stuff of Miseryville, so our heros manage to pass a great time together, but when the night came it was revealed that the place was hunted.
James "Jimmy" Two-Shoes.
Teletoon has created a website for “Jimmy Two-Shoes” and on that website there are five shorts called “Miseryville Moments” that can be watched on the video page. It is shown that about everyone in Miseryville think she's scary. Jimmy's and Heloise's parents are never seen or mentioned. She works for Misery Inc. as their top inventor in making hazardous products for bringing people misery. He does not appear to attend school. Jimmy is the only one in Miseryville who isn't afraid of Heloise for his own "reason's". Jimmy is also oblivious and slow minded to the fact that Heloise has a crush on him, even when she tries to make it obvious, somewhat due to the fact that whenever she tries to do something nice, it always backfires and turns to an evil plan. My first fic was a NoCo fanfic. Jimmy is tall, has blonde hair and a gap in his … He often has invention ideas of his own, but they're not very good. Heloise constantly tries to make her feelings towards Jimmy known but he just doesn't get the message. Lucius is sometimes embarrassed that he's related to him, because of this they have an estranged relationship. He is quite timid and constantly abused by his boss for the latter's amusement. In 'The Racing Bug' however, she wonders why she likes him (She has shown to envious of other girls who so much as come in contact with Jimmy; once she thought Jez and Jimmy were dating when really he was just trying to helping Lucius. The primarily seen members are a large one-eyed guy in red, a four-armed fellow in green, a long-legged man in purple, and the diminutive leader recognizable by his top hat and tuxedo.TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. he doesn't know about hibernation in 'I Am Jimmy' or didn't know the definition of "grounded" in Miseryville (which literally means being buried to the head up in sand and/or dirt). Which he has been known to inevitably takes credit for; but if something goes wrong, he blames Heloise. He had a miserable childhood and has painful flashbacks of how his father was cruel to him which would explains his bitterness. He is much bigger than his father, but is instead lazy, gluttonous, and dimwitted. He's an idiot when it comes to making up new, miserable ideas and relies totally on Heloise's inventions. A new girl, Mean Jean, arrives in Miseryville and challenges Heloise for the title of "Queen of Mean"! Heloise lives next door to Jimmy, a two-story house with a barbecue in the backyard. His superhero identity is Spaghetti Beezy, where he simply crams a pot of spaghetti over his head. His mother has never been mentioned. It is shown to be almost impossible to get him upset (some of the only things that make him upset are butterscotch and pickles), and he is rather ignorant of the faults in others. Part 1-The story begins in an average suburb, in an average town, in an average state, in an average country…somewhere in the North American continent. When dressing for a formal event, he adds a white collar with a black bow-tie and white cuffs to his regular clothing.