He talked her up everywhere he went, and you got to realise that a guy like Johnny, he had the entrée everywhere, the best country clubs, the big parties at the best homes, and everybody sat and listened to him because he had a hell of a track record of proven winners at the box office”  “Johnny inspired me to read good books, to enjoy good music, and he started me talking again.

Natasha felt it would ruin Marilyn as an actress; she wanted to develop her as a serious actress whereas she felt Johnny was just interested in getting her glamour roles and was happy for her to continue the dumb blonde persona that these roles reinforced and typecast Monroe as the stereotypical empty-headed honey. It was Johnny that planted the seed when he compared her to Brothers Karamozov’s Grushenka Dostoevsky’s lusty complex character, mentioning that it could be a suitable role for Marilyn, according to Spoto it is possible that this was a light hearted remark, almost a joke, however, Monroe took the remark in total seriousness and became obsessed with Grushenka and the need to play her.

That man was Johnny Hyde, he had faith in her when she was a starlet and a damned unimportant starlet. Anxious to provide for Marilyn financially, Johnny continued to press her to marry him.
Boyfriend / Spouse. Her figure was deemed more suitable for pin-up than fashion modeling. Then he was over at the people’s house I was staying with, and that’s when I remember him. The Biographer Maurice Zolotow tells us that Marilyn arrived at the service and threw herself across the coffin and cried Marilyn herself had reportedly written of her loss  another version of the story is that she attended with Johnny’s secretary Dona Holloway and her husband, ignoring the request for her not to attend for the sake of Johnny’s children. Johnny was raised with show business in his blood. He explained something to me that I didn’t realise before. Johnny fell deeply in love with Marilyn, but unfortunately for him, this was a very one sided love affair.

But, she was one of the earliest Hollywood celebs to rely on yoga for physical fitness and mental wellness.When it came to diet, she liked to mix two raw eggs in warm milk for her breakfast.For the dinner, she used to embroil lamp chops or steak. Some of them could see what Johnny saw and thought she was vulnerable and needed their protection; others thought the lost, vulnerable little girl personality was all an act and tried to discourage Johnny.

She started her career as a pinup model and after that she entered Hollywood. Vocals. Johnny would have been happy with that, but Marilyn would not compromise and was adamant that she would not marry him. There is no throwing herself prostrate on the coffin, Natasha insisted that Marilyn was dignified in her grief and that they sat quietly until twilight when the attendants asked her gently to leave.
it wouldn’t be right to marry someone she wasn’t in love with, Marilyn was no ones fool, she knew that if she had of married him she would have been labelled a gold digger and worse still Johnny was in failing health, she told Rupert Allen that she would have lost any hope of being taken seriously in the industry. She attempted suicide for the first time after the death of Johnny Hyde and second time after she lost pregnancy. One thing that all the biographers do seem to be able to agree on is that it was made clear to Marilyn that she would not be welcomed at the burial at Forest Lawn. Marilyn died at the age of 36 on August 5, 1962, by committing suicide with barbiturate overdose.Marilyn Monroe was discovered by Johnny Hyde who served as her first manager.Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in London in 1956 5 ft 5½ in or 166 cm.

She used a five-pound dumbbell and did 15 repetitions.