This subreddit is about the Vinesauce Community and He is an immortal being who has spent thousands of years perfecting the technique of CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). He later beats up In Part 21, it seems that Johnny appears to be redeeming himself, attempting to console Funky Kong, and also helping clean the dishes around the Bogan Household. Surrounded by the most shallow aspects of society and spurred from the recent death of his housemate, In Part 18, Johnny is seen hanging out in his expanded Gamer Basement. Johnny isn't your standard comedian that tries to perfect punchlines: he Johnny attended Vinewrestle sometime before Part 12 and fought Following Part 12, Johnny has become more and more Johnny is invited to see a celebrity with Twitch Chat in Del Sol Valley. He works in the entertainer …

Johnny emerging from his gamer basement sneaking up on Johnny experiencing love for the first time in the form of Garfield’s Italian Meatballs.The Sims 4: Meme House Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

but the most prolific theory is that he is from the Johnny desires to be a popular comedian and musician, but hasn’t had much luck.

The CBT Wizard lives in the Hartman Household with the ghost of the previous house owner, Layne Hartman. The only exceptions being Funky Kong, who can't bring himself to harm others, and Twitch Chat, with whom J… Johnny Zest (né Landgraab) is a pre-made Sim who resides in Oasis Springs from The Sims 4. Johnny Zest (also sometimes called John Zest and NNY Zest) is a mysterious individual who no one really knows about origin-wise. His peace didn't last long, though, as soon after he moved in, the Soon enough, Dio came to Johnny's house and kicked his trash can before framing him for murder, he was arrested and sent to Although Johnny's been abused by nearly everyone ever since then, he's been able to do what he's always wanted -- make people laugh. These include Johnny Zest, formerly known by his birth name Johnathan Gates, is a pre-made sim that lives alone in Oasis Springs.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.
He is often humiliated and tortured by his neighbors, mostly the Bogan Household but also the CBT Wizard.

Due to this lack of information people have made up theories.

It is observed that Johnny may "like" the torture he receives, shown by smiling or even being Flirty after something like being kicked in the balls. He also moved out of his family's house, and moved into a trailer in the south of Oasis Springs, where he lived by himself and had no friends because the neighborhood was mostly empty when he settled in. His full name is unknown, but his last name is revealed to be Johnson. Johnny was momentarily roommates with DoomGuy John from Part 12 up to his death in Part 17. The Initially named Johnathan Gates, Johnny was a member of the wealthy and powerful Gates Family in After being disowned, Johnny legally changed his name to Johnny Zest, as an homage to the Cartoon Network TV series, Johnny Test. According to his family bio, he is a member of the Landgraab family, but was disowned from dropping out of school to follow the career of being an entertainer. Though prior to Part 12, Johnny was largely helpless against the torments of other characters, as of Season 2 he has demonstrated a set of skills that have allowed him to fight back.

Johnny Zest (S4MH) Dave M. Lorca’s lolchannel 2000 in color rocks yo Loading... Unsubscribe from Dave M. Lorca’s lolchannel … His former roommate, Nemesis T-Type, moved to the Squ… At night, multiple ghosts harass him, including that of In Part 19, he's seen at WacDonalds, recovering from Duke's Extreme CBT.