"I believe this is yours," panted Shepard, taking the hat and putting it back on his head.Joker laughed, and put the hat back on her head, "I think I can let you wear it for a little longer, it looks better on you anyway. Hesitantly he slid his tongue across her bottom lip and she groaned softly, encouraging him further, and he slid his tongue into her mouth. cool! Follow/Fav Joker's Missing Hat. exclaimed Joker, shocked and surprised that she had been the one who took his hat, "You stole my hat!? "He watched as a devilish look crossed her eyes, he knew she was going to agree just by the gleam, "Sounds like a reasonable offer, I accept. "Joker nodded, not hearing half of what he had said, instead he was focused on locating his missing hat. ""Anytime, Joker," called Kasumi as the door shut behind him.Joker got back into the elevator and decided to go and ask Grunt next, hoping that he did not get insulted and headbutt him. They only broke the seal when they came back up for some air, both breathing heavily, neither one letting go of the other instead just basking the passion of their first kiss. asked Joker, inching himself closer to the door. ""You can have anything you want," said Joker hurriedly, "Just please, give me back my hat, Shepard. People also love these ideas. Joker's Cap from Mass Effect 3 is now available for Saints Row IV!

""I speak to her like that often, just not around you," said Garrus, a slight edge to his voice, "besides, you talk to your hat in the same way, you even sing to it when you think no one's listening. This item is incompatible with Saints Row IV. The idea of turning over his baby to the mechanics did not sit well with him, he had never enjoyed having other people crawling around in his ship, it felt as if they were invading his privacy somehow. "I can't find my hat," said Joker, panic creeping into his voice, he spun around to face Garrus his eyes narrowing as he spoke, "Did you take it? What if I asked for your chair, could I have that? "Joker snorted, wanting to tease him further, "Sure, you do, and when was the last time you spoke to Tali with the same affection you just used on that cookie you ate ten seconds later? "Joker eyed him suspiciously, "Why do I have the feeling that wouldn't have been a mistake if you had gotten me a dextro brownie. Manga Comics Mass Effect Jack Mass Effect Funny Mass Effect Universe Science Fiction Art Manga Commander Shepard Lord Video Games. ""What use could I possibly have with a grungy, smelly, hat that hasn't been off the top of your head in weeks?" Awesome! ""Maybe you should ask them that yourself," said Garrus, readying himself to leave the cockpit, "If you need me, I'll be down calibrating, let me know if you find your hat. Joker approached the door nervously, knocking on it a few times and waited for a reply, he heard Grunt snarl a few seconds later and he took that as his cue to enter. What did you call them again? that would be really cool You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Mordin had told him no and to go ask Miranda, Miranda had said no and to go ask Zaeed, Zaeed told him to ask Tali, Tali said to ask Jacob, Jacob said Ken might know and Ken had said he was better off without his hat. Joker began to sweat, why was the entire command team in Shepard's room? "Joker laughed, he was not angry by any means just slightly embarrassed that their first kiss had taken place in full view of the entire crew but he could look past that, "Babe, you had my attention from day one. Depending on Shepard's response, Joker will comment about whether or not he still wants it. Read and review! When he got back to the CIC his legs were practically screaming out in agony from being walked on for a solid hour so he made his way over to his chair in the cockpit, hoping for some relief from his aching legs. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact How have I gone my entire life not knowing this? When he stood up, he was almost beyond angry, this joke was no longer funny he needed his hat and there would be hell to pay for whomever stole it from him.Kasumi was the first person on his list, being a master thief not to mention having the ability to go invisible, she seemed the most likely suspect. ""Garrus," said Joker as they entered the elevator, a smug grin on his face, "You're a terrible actor. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. ""Good for him," replied Joker over his shoulder, "Bring me back some brownies. "You'll see Commander, it'll be better than the old days," Joker told Shepard after espousing the virtues of leather seats. He had heard from Shepard that most of the artwork in her room she had stolen during her years as an active thief. ""Will do," sighed Joker as he turned towards the door, "Thanks for the help, Kasumi. Please see the This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.“I’m not good. "Shepard smiled from underneath the brim, her eyes gleaming with mischief, "It would appear that way, wouldn't it? "Is there something wrong, Joker?" By: MoonSword1994. Going back on the deal now? Will he ever find his precious hat again, and at what cost? I actually have a IRL version of this!

"Joker rolled his eyes, going to tap his head to show his cap was still on his head but he made direct contact with the top of his skull, surprising himself, "I had it on when I was doing checks and then I put it on the console.